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The Women’s Advisory Council (WAC) is a group of prisoners whose purpose is to act as representatives of all inmates in occasional meetings with a correctional officer of Litchfield Penitentiary.


The main objective of the WAC is to give the inmates a way of voicing their concerns about the conditions at Litchfield in the hopes that the staff can better meet their needs.

In reality, it seems that the current incarnation of WAC was formed to distract the inmates from arguing with each other so that COs on duty won't be bothered by them. In "WAC Pack", Healy suggests bringing the WAC back after several incidents of rowdiness tested his patience. He is temporarily relieved when the inmates throw their energies into campaigning instead of petty arguments that take him away from activities he'd rather be doing, such as having an inmate help select clothing for his wife.


At some point in Litchfield's past, there was a version of WAC, but it later fell apart. Older inmates, like Miss Claudette, praise the effort of having a WAC, but seem more entertained by the campaigning for membership than believe in its effectiveness.


The WAC is headed by Healy and consists of an inmate elected from each racial clique: Piper Chapman (representing the white population), Tasha "Taystee" Jefferson (representing the black population), Mei Chang (representing both the Golden Girls and "other" races) and Maria Ruiz (representing the spanish population). Piper did not run for selection, but Healy chose her anyway, annoying the white inmates who did run (especially Tiffany Doggett). Nevertheless, she enters the first meeting hoping to make some real changes, but the other members know it is just a front and nothing real can be achieved. 

Healy persuades them to keep coming to the meetings with boxes of donuts.

Current Members of the Women’s Advisory Council for Litchfield Penitentiary
Name Inmates represented
Piper Chapman Caucasian (White)
Taystee African-American (Black)
Maria Ruiz Hispanic
Mei Chang Elderly population
Mei Chang "Others"