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Whispers is an intimate apparel company that contracts with prisons to make their lingerie.

They have a deal with MCC to have some of their items made atLitchfield Penitentiary, paying inmates $1 per hour.


Whispers provides fabric, thread, lace, patterns and all necessary equipment including: needles, scissors and sewing machines (and all machine-related parts).

The inmates cut patterns out of fabric, then sew them together according to the instructions. The number of items that could be made from one swatch of fabric could be more, but Whispers doesn't seem to be too concerned with the amount of waste produced by this inefficiency.

Whispers is a play on Victoria's Secret who, along with other companies in the mid 90s, contracted with the South Carolina prison system, so inmates at Leath Correctional Facility in Greenwood could make their merchandise.

In Season Three, Piper Chapman started an illicit used-panties business after she realised the pantie pattern allowed for an additional pair which she could then smuggle out of the business and sell on.

In Season Four, after Maria's rival used-pantie business was revealed to the administration by Piper, all current workers were fired and replaced with other inmates. None of the on-screen, named inmates currently work there.

Known Workers[]


Named, on screen inmates[]

Mentioned only[]

  • Joy Weber
  • Jamie Bolenbaugh
  • Liz Huizinga
  • Penny Laughman
  • Natalie DaMico
  • Molly Dean Egan
  • Jen Cox
  • Tawni Fritz-McAlpine
  • Katie Needle
  • Kate Tower
  • Elizabeth Rodrick
  • Chrissy Lehmann
  • Amy Kupferberg
  • Jennifer Rogien
  • Christina Spiridakis
  • Melissa Stanton
  • Jennae Fitzgerald
  • Katelyn Mueller
  • Charlotte Svenson
  • Ava Hama
  • Liz Campbell
  • Angel De Angelis
  • Valerie Velez
  • Dee Harris
  • Lauri Pitkus
  • Lola Lorber