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Wes Driscoll was an inmate at the prison that Desi Piscatella previously worked in. The two of them had a secret relationship before Piscatella was transferred to Litchfield Women's Penitentiary. He is portrayed by Charlie Barnett.


Wes is shown to be an intelligent individual. He does not appear to be popular with his other inmates, and is also shown to be flirty with Desi.

Physical Appearance[]

Wes is of mixed-race heritage with curly black hair. He is quite tall.


Before Piscatella's employment[]

Wes was an inmate in a men's maximum security prison when Desi Piscatella began working as a guard. He helped Piscatella with an answer to his crossword puzzle, and the two eventually fell for each other. They dated secretly for an unknown amount of time, and Wes even got Piscatella's initials "DP" tattooed on his wrist, although he told the tattooist it stood for "double penetration" to avoid suspicion.

Wes and Desi were getting too comfortable though, and other inmates began to get suspicious. One day, when Piscatella came to work ready to show Wes his new tattoo - "WD" - on his wrist to match Wes's, he found his boyfriend on the ground, having been beaten and raped by a group of inmates led by Miguel Rosado, who worked in the kitchen with Wes, but also being the inmate who had seen Wes and Desi being intimate. Afterwards, Piscatella killed Rosado by chaining him to a shower and burning him with hot water. 


Driscoll's smeared "tattoo"

  • In a deleted scene from "The Reverse Midas Touch", Piscatella realises that Driscoll faked his tattoo when it wipes right off after Driscoll is attacked. This explains his distrust of prisoners and their motives. It is unknown why the scene was deleted. [1] The smeared tattoo is still briefly visible in the attack scene.


Wes and Desi sharing a moment alone while Desi was still employed at that prison


  • Desi Piscatella (ex-boyfriend) - The two dated secretly while Desi worked at the prison Driscoll was held in.


  • Miguel Rosado (rapist, abuser) - After realizing Driscoll and Piscatella were secretly dating each other, Rosado and his gang beat and raped Driscoll, resulting in Piscatella killing him in revenge.





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