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Vasily Reznikov is one of the three sons of Galina "Red" Reznikov and Dmitri Reznikov.


Vasily is hinted to be the least masculine of the Reznikov brothers due to his tendency to become emotional when discussing Lida, his girlfriend. His mother often mocks him over his lack of masculinity.

Physical Appearance[]

Vasily has short black hair and tanned skin, he wears a golden chain and was given a bruise by Lida at some time during season two.


Before Red's incarceration[]

Vasily is one of Red's three sons. During his childhood, his mother often took him and his brothers to Coney Island.

Season Two[]

He has a girlfriend named Lida, who is also the mother of his son. He and his girlfriend often get into arguments that tend to end with Lida throwing things or hitting Vasily, which Red blames on him as he comes home drunk.

He helps Red smuggle in her contraband through the sewers. Red tells Vasily to man up over Lida and win her back.

Season Three[]

Yuri, Maxsim and Vasily along with their father visit Red on Mother's Day, and tell her that unfortunately Dmitri's Russian Market has been shut down. ("Mother's Day")

Season Six[]

When his mother is transferred to Maximum Security, Red calls Vasily, and asks if Dmitri will be visiting any time soon. Vasily reveals he is staying with Dmitri and will see her soon. ("State of the Uterus")

When visiting Red, Red keeps questioning Vasily about his father, causing Vasily to explain Dmitri has met another woman, and seems happy. This upsets Red. ("Break the String")

Having never seen her grandchildren, Red requests to see them soon. Vasily's children cry in the waiting room awaiting Red's visitation. Vasily and Lida wait outside for Red to arrive, however, Red jeopardises her visit by attacking Frieda Berlin and is sent to the SHU. ("Double Trouble")


  • When he was younger, he enjoyed playing with trucks and trains.