In case I'm not around, these are things that need to be done for Season 5, or any season in general.

  • Update homepage
  1. add/update countdown clock template, see here
  1. add new pictures in the slider template, see here
  2. link season five in a picture within the slider template, see previous ^
  1. add new poll with the results on the bottom from the last poll, see here
  1. update the All Content template with new characters, episodes, and relationships, see here
  2. update featured media template, see here
  • Add episode pages
  1. make sure the proper layout is used, see here.
  2. add synopsis from netflix
  3. add pictures to both galleries, present and flashback, see here
  4. add cast information if you can find it (sometimes tricky)
  5. add plots for present and flashbacks
  6. categorize the episode, see here
  7. update episode navigation and add to new episode pages, see here
  • Add and update character pages
  1. categorize character pages, new and old, see here
  2. add the proper layout to new character pages, see here and here.
  3. gallery pages will be created separate from main character pages in the future
  4. stick to the picture policy in case you do add photos, see here
  5. fill in the characters info for the season
  6. update season count in infobox, also update their cast page with the season count