Hey everyone! Currently, this wiki needs a lot of help and I added a list below of certain pages, or things needing to be done. So if you are new to this wikia, and/or would just like to help, please look at the pages below. Any edits that are unproductive, or inappropriate will be reversed and may result in a ban. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me,QueenBuffy, or Webly.Thanks :)

Episodes needing Plots/Other Information

  1. Tit Punch
  2. Lesbian Request Denied
  3. The Chickening
  4. Blood Donut
  5. Bora Bora Bora
  6. Comic Sans
  7. Appropriately Sized Pots
  8. 40 Oz. of Furlough
  9. Take a Break From Your Values
  10. It Was The Change

Characters needing Information

  1. Leanne Taylor
  2. Susan Fischer
  3. Joe Caputo
  4. Anita DeMarco
  5. Norma Romano
  6. Natalie Figueroa
  7. Jane Ingalls
  8. Marisol Gonzales
  9. Blanca Flores
  10. Maria Ruiz
  11. Joel Luschek
  12. Wanda Bell
  13. Scott O'Neill
  14. Christopher
  15. Big Boo
  16. Kubra Balik
  17. Cesar
  18. Maritza Ramos
  • And there might be more characters*

Actors/Actresses who need Pages

  1. Barbara Rosenblat
  2. Emma Myles
  3. Adrienne C. Moore
  4. Laura Lapkus
  5. Nick Stevenson
  6. Michael Chernus
  7. Lin Tucci
  8. Laura Gomez
  9. Tamara Torres
  • And possibly more*

Generally, all of the cast could use more information about their life, social media, etc.

General Tasks

  • Adding pictures to characters pages
  • Adding categories to characters ( example: season 1 characters, season 2 characters, civilians, etc)
  • Removing chartabs from pages
  • Making sure all characters have; overview, personality, physical appearance, quotes, appearances, and galleries
  • Removing characters from 'Characters' category
  • Using scroll template for appearances, rather than the old table appearance template

I will be crossing off things on the lists that have already been done and may even add to the lists. Thanks again! :D