So something I've noticed every season is that a supporting cast character suddenly becomes a protagonist. Here's what I've noticed.

Season 1

Piper and Alex

Obviously Piper and Alex will be the main characters to appear in the first season. They introduce the storyline and Piper's backstory.

Season 2

Taystee and Vee

Taystee and Vee had most of the scenes in season 2. I think their storyline was well thought out and very clever and emotional.

Season 3

Norma and...well just Norma I guess.

Norma had a good role/spotlight in season 3, considering the base of the season to be on faith, it was a good idea to show this and that anything is possible in prison.

Season 4

Maria and Poussey

This time the two main protagonists didn't have their storyline's linked. Maria had her business deal which stretched across the season, and brought Spanish Harlem into the spotlight. And then of course there is also the tragedy of Poussey, which had been built up over the episodes.

Predictions for Season 5?


I think Daya will be given a spotlight after Aleida left, as well as the fact that she may or may not have shot McCullogh and Humps...

So what do you think? Let me know in the comments who might have the spotlight next year!