Hello guys! This is my first time hanging out around this wiki, so I thought I would introduce myself! My name is Gogogadget831! I've been a wiki user since 2013 and have been very active on the Total Drama wiki in the past! I've recently started watching Orange is the New Black (will be starting season 2 soon!) and I am absolutely in love with the show! Piper and Alex are a really great ship and some of my favorite characters include Crazy Eyes and Poussey! Other facts about me: I'm a college student, comp sci major, aspiring musician, world traveler, dog lover, worshipper of Troye Sivan, Danganronpa fan (Queen Celeste and Queen Ibuki FTW), Steven Universe fan, Ravenclaw, Pisces, music junkie, fanfiction writer, lover of spicy food and boba tea, and a loooot more. I also identify as a lesbian and I am proud of it! I'm really excited to join this wiki and get to know all of you!