Hey there!

I recently started with oitnb and I totally love it!

I was watching episode 2, season 1, however, when I saw Alex chatting with a girl in the background in the scene where Piper talks to Larry.

The girl looks quite young, she has red hair and she talks and laughs with Alex during the scene (See the picture). When it's time for Piper to say Larry goodbye, she sees Alex hugging the figurant.

The thing is, that figurant looks awfully familiar and I just can't remember where/when I've seen that girl before. I tried googling her, searching her on IMDB, but nothing worked, I can't find the girl!

So, if you know anything about her or have an idea where I could find some information, please contact me, because these niggling thoughts have been stuck in my head for like, two days now and I'm really curious now!




The girl with the red hair