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"When I leave this world I ain't owin' nobody nothing"
— Tricia, showing her debt-book, when accused of stealing

Patricia "Tricia" Miller was a supporting character in Season One of Orange Is the New Black. Miller, who suffered from a drug addiction, was one of the youngest inmates at Litchfield Penitentiary at 19 years old. She died during the first season after overdosing on Oxycontin.

She was portrayed by actress Madeline Brewer.


Before Litchfield[]

For a list of episodes featuring Tricia's flashbacks, see here.

Spending her teenage years living out on the streets with her friend, Allie, Miller resorted to theft in order to survive. It is hinted that she left her home due to a problematic situation with her family, as she's glad turning 18 and from then on being through with her parents, probably having been sexually abused by her "rapist stepfather". Throughout her life, she kept a detailed record of every item she stole or dollar owed, intending to one day pay back every business for the items she 'borrowed' and was arrested after getting caught stealing a necklace ("Bora Bora Bora").

Season One[]

Tricia is first seen in Episode 2 turning on the vending machine after Piper's visit with Larry is over. She was seen later on in the kitchen with Nicky and Luschek trying to fix "Betty" the fridge.

Tricia learns that her girlfriend, Mercy Valduto, is being released from Litchfield. Tricia first tries to appeal her own sentence with the help of Piper, but later attempts to sabotage Mercy's release by stashing drugs in her bunk to be discovered by the correctional officers, as this would keep Mercy at Litchfield with Tricia longer. However, Miss Claudette talks Tricia out of it, telling her "this is not love", and that if Mercy really loves Tricia, the relationship will survive ("Imaginary Enemies"). Mercy is released and we later learn that she has stopped keeping in touch with Tricia.

After a long history of being provided with drugs by Mendez, Tricia starts to have withdrawals when he isn't able to smuggle anymore. He confronts Red with the news that her "daughter" is in that condition, trying to force Red to use her connections to bring in drugs. At this point, Red starts to ignore and isolate Tricia from the others, as she "already had two chances", and says that Tricia needs to give herself in. Nicky, who is like a sister to Tricia, urges her to go to the COs which results in her going to the SHU. Caputo says she had been in prison for 10 months and should have gone cold turkey upon arrival, meaning she should not be detoxing now. He is determined to find out where the drugs are coming from.

After Tricia's time in SHU and when she has detoxed, Tricia approaches Red to try and make things right, but Red continues to scorn her, which devastates Tricia. Later, when Mendez has managed to smuggle in drugs again via Red's kitchen, he blackmails Miller into accepting a bag full of Oxycontin pills to sell to the other inmates. Unable to resist temptation, Tricia gets high and approaches Nicky, promising that she'll make things right with Red. Nicky is clearly affected, caring a great deal about Tricia and drawing a parallel between the two of them, as Nicky is also an addict in recovery. Mendez notices she is high and locks her in the supply closet so she doesn't give the game away. Inside, she ingests the whole bag of Oxycontin and overdoses. A panicked Mendez discovers her body, and makes it look like she hanged herself, and her body is discovered by Fischer and Caputo ("Bora Bora Bora").

Tricia's death devastates everyone who knew her, especially Red and Nicky, who reveals to the former that not only was it an overdose, not hanging that killed her, but that it was Nicky who gave Mendez the means to smuggle drugs through the kitchen, not Tricia. Despite this admission, Red forgives Nicky as she knows she'll work to redeem herself in Tricia's memory, and the two plot to get rid of Mendez ("Bora Bora Bora").

Nicky and the rest of Tricia's friends hold a wake for her, and multiple inmates such as Chang, the Black Girls and the Spanish Harlem arrive to pay their respects to Tricia, giving food and commissary to her friends. Figueroa reveals that Tricia's body was cremated in the days following her death ("Tall Men With Feelings").

Red's scheme to make Mendez pay for Tricia's death succeeds when she, Aleida and Gloria convince Daya to have sex with Mendez and make it look like rape, causing him to be suspended ("Fool Me Once").

Prior to her death, Tricia Miller had four years left on her sentence ("Moscow Mule").

Season Four[]

Red would later say Tricia's ashes were buried in the prison cemetery and they'd spelled her name incorrectly ("Turn Table Turn").

Season Seven[]

When suffering from dementia, Red asks for Tricia's help in preparing dinner, implying she might have worked in the kitchen at some point. ("The Big House")

Personality and Appearance[]

Tricia was sweet and good-hearted. She was genuine with good intentions (wanting to pay everything that she owed when she could, as seen in her flashback). However, there were times when she could be mean, such as saying that she would probably murder Piper in her sleep. She was insecure and was afraid that Mercy was going to forget about her once she got out of prison, which turned out to be at least partially accurate. She loved Red like a mother, and when the latter accused her of snitching to Mendez and cast her out, the heartbreak caused her to overdose. Tricia was well liked among the other inmates, as after her death, even people who barely knew her like Chang, the Black Girls and the Spanish Harlem pay their respects during her wake.

Tricia is skinny and stands at 5'3". She has blue eyes and long blonde hair which used to be down (Bora Bora Bora) but now worn in 7 cornrows. One tattoo on her right hand and another on her neck. Normally seen wearing her khaki prison jumpsuit with a white short sleeved shirt under her top and black boots.



  • Mercy Valduto (girlfriend): Tricia and Mercy were dating prior to season one. In "Imaginary Enemies", Mercy is released from Litchfield. Mercy promises to wait for Tricia and to have conversations on the phone but it doesn't work out. After Tricia's death, Mercy is informed of Tricia's death, though her reaction to the news is unknown



Memorable Quotes[]

"Shit no, girls got my back."
— Tricia Miller
"I'm not so good with words, and you read everything and shit."
— Tricia Miller
"Yo, you got my shit?"
— Tricia Miller
"I need to get out, cause my girlfriend's getting out and I gotta be with her."
— Tricia Miller
"Look, when in Rome, use what you got"
— Tricia Miller
"Oh, butchy, face it, I win, you lose. She hates you. She loves me."
— Tricia Miller
"Fucking shithole."
— Tricia Miller
"Last time I drank tequila, I woke up in Weehawken."
— Tricia Miller
"Yeah, well... you're fat!"
— Tricia Miller
"Drug free America, yo."
— Tricia Miller
"Yeah, problems are problems, yo. We all make bad choices. Just some of us got different bad choices to make."
— Tricia Miller
"I will probably kill her in her sleep tonight."
— Tricia Miller
"Reflect, yo."
— Tricia Miller
"I got us a carrot, too, so our diet is balanced and shit."
— Tricia Miller
"Damn. I thought yoga was supposed to relax you."
— Tricia Miller


  • Tricia was the first character to die in the series.
  • Tricia is originally from Weehawken, New Jersey
  • Tricia is addicted to OxyContin and would sometimes perform sexual acts for drugs from Pornstache.
  • It is hinted that Tricia might have had feelings or Allie
  • Tricia was in Litchfield for 10 months prior to Season 1
  • The length of Tricia's original sentence was unknown, but after going into the SHU because of drugs, Tricia got time added onto her sentence and tells Piper she has "4 left"
  • When the screwdriver is stolen from Electrical in Imaginary Enemies, Luschek looks at Tricia, possibly due to her theft background
  • After being released from the SHU , Triciabunked in L14; Nicky was no longer her bunkmate
  • Tricia's neck tattoo is supposed to be a chain with roses
  • Tricia and Black Cindy both hated goulash
  • Tricia's name is currently spelled incorrectly in the prison graveyard according to Red.



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