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"Trapped in an Elevator" is the sixth episode of the seventh season of Orange Is the New Black. It is the eighty-fourth episode of the series overall. It premiered on July 26, 2019.


Taystee takes advantage of her new position. Linda teaches Tamika how to pivot. Black Cindy and Maria make amends to people they've hurt.



Piper tells Alex about the incident with the "bloob". Alex tells Piper that she has to figure out a way to live on the outside without violating her parole. She suggests opening their marriage, thinking that Piper might be acting out because she is frustrated due to lack of physical contact.

Meanwhile, Alex and McCullough continue to work on their charger scheme and continue undressing in front of each other in the small utility closet.

Cindy is preparing to leave, with just days to go. She is balking at some of the assignments in Caputo's restorative justice class, specifically writing the apology letter. The implication is that her letter should really be to the person she's probably hurt the most, or at least the most recently, Taystee.

Cindy seems unable to write that letter and so instead she writes to her mom and apologizes for leaving her to raise Monica and then later breezing back in and trying to take Monica back. She promises to never talk about this subject again because she knows that her mother is Monica's real mother after raising her all these years.

Cindy calls her mom and tries to read the letter to her, though her mom is busy so Cindy just asks if she can come home. Her mom says there will be rules but agrees to come pick her up.

Cindy says good-bye to Suzanne and Cindy's on her way, picked up by her mom and Monica. Taystee never did any of things she planned to do to get revenge. But then Taystee tells Daya she doesn't think Cindy will be living the sweet life on the outside that Cindy's expecting. Taystee looks up Cindy's family info in Ward's office and writes a letter to Monica telling her she needs to know the truth about her "real mom". After briefly hestitating, she mails it.

Yadriel visits Maria and has some tough news for her. He has a new girlfriend and he and Pepa will be moving in with her. (To add insult to injury, her name is Maria too). Maria is already upset that Yadriel won't bring Pepa to the prison and now feels that she's being replaced by this "new Maria". When Caputo asks the class to write the apology letters, Maria insists that she has no one to write an apology to - she is the one who is owed an apology. She says her crime had no victims and everyone else in her life (including Yadriel) has treated her badly. When Maria begins to read her letter aloud, it is about how much she was wronged by Yadriel, not an apology letter. Caputo tells her to come back with an apology. After hearing Cindy's letter about her mom, Maria realizes that she hasn't been raising her child either, Yadriel has and he's the one who has had to make the hard decisions.

Maria asks Yadriel to come for a visit and she tells him that she was wrong and she will abide by his decisions about Pepa. However she also asks that he start bringing Pepa back to the prison so they can show her it's not a life to choose.

Caputo has to get surgery in order to be able to procreate with Fig. As he is about to go into surgery he gets an alert on his phone that Fischer has posted that she was sexually harassed by a former warden (not mentioning him by name) who fired her when she refused his advances.


Maria Ruiz[]

Maria is working at a clothing store as a manager. She is sleeping with her co-worker Manuel who is has an idea for them to sell counterfeit clothes at a profit. The whole time she is still involved with Yadriel who has happily given up his old life of selling drugs and is content to be an assistant manager at GNC. Maria complains that the two of them are just eating sandwiches and chips they bring from home in the food court but he promises they will work their way up through honest hard work.

Maria continues her affair with Manuel but she is caught selling the counterfeit goods and goes to jail. Yadriel is disappointed in he had thought they had both left crime in their past and he refuses to take her calls. But she calls him from prison (in the minimum security camp) to tell him that she's pregnant. He apparently asks if the baby is his because she says he's the only one she's been with (opening up the possibility that Manuel is actually Pepa's biological father). Yadriel is shown eating his usual sandwich and chips at the food court smiling at the news of becoming a father.

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