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"The Thirteenth" is the tenth episode of the seventh season of Orange Is the New Black. It is the eighty-eighth episode of the series overall. It premiered on July 26, 2019.


While Piper reconnects with faces from her past, Alex revisits her own romantic history. Linda puts Tamika on notice. Caputo owns up to his misdeeds.



Tamika Ward and the guards are checking off locations in the prison as their search for Lorna Morello continues. Rick Hopper argues with Ward about their priorities, and warns the other guards that Morello is probably armed and dangerous. Lee Dixon comes in on the radio and says he's found Morello in the chicken coop. Ward, along with Hopper and Hellman, arrives at the coop and tries to call to Morello through the door, but Morello does not respond, being seen inside with a large scratch on her face and rocking back and forth. Ward tells Dixon to lower his weapon, but when Hopper and Hellman open the door and charge, Dixon shoots his taser at Morello and knocks her down. Dixon apologizes and Hellman picks up Morello to take her to Medical, revealing that she had a chicken cradled in her sweatshirt, now dead from the taser.

Alex Vause is inside her cell, looking out the window at Artesian McCullough, sitting at the guard's desk stiff and slightly trembling. Hellman comes in and announces that the lockdown is over. McCullough flinches when he slams the mic down, and later yells at him when he checks off that the inmates were allowed to shower when they weren't. He tells her to go away and get a grip.

In the ICE Kitchen, Nicky Nichols and Shani Abboud are in Nicky's "Hidey Hole". Nicky tries to touch Shani with her fingers, but Shani winces in pain due to her FGM and tells Nicky that this may not work. Nicky seems discouraged, but tells Shani that they can keep trying, and that she only wants Shani to feel good, not for Nicky to prove that she's great at sex. Shani smiles and they kiss.

Meanwhile, Gloria Mendoza discovers a bucket of potatoes and reminds Red that she had wanted to prep them for tomorrow. Red thinks for a moment before remembering. Gloria tells Flaca in Spanish to watch Red, and Flaca points out Nicky and Shani fooling around behind the shelf. The grate rattles and when Bell opens it, Santos Chaj is standing there. Bell tells Chaj no food between meals, while Chaj tries to speak in K'iche. Blanca suggests that maybe Chaj wants to volunteer, and Gloria agrees. When Chaj comes in, she notices a big box of pre-ground parsley, and grabs it off the shelf, pouring a large amount into a pot with water. She gestures to Flaca when she doesn't know how to turn on the stove, and Flaca helps her. Flaca asks Red if she's ever heard of "parsley soup", but Red accidentally cuts her hand with a large chef's knife, now bleeding profusely. Gloria, Blanca, and Nicky come out and Gloria scolds Flaca for not watching her, to which Red says angrily that she does not need anyone watching her. Nicky wraps a rag around her hand and walks with her to Medical. When they arrive, Nicky tries to tell the nurse about Red's memory problems and mood swings. Red protests and the nurse says she will just take care of Red's hand for now. Nicky sees Morello in another bed, and asks what happened. Blake tells her that she was sedated for her own safety after they found her, then escorts Nicky back to the block.

Piper Chapman is laying in a large circular hanging chair in a modern lavish office building, remarking about the view while Zelda brings her lunch. Piper tells her that now that her secret is out at her job, her father has been more relaxed about her hours. Zelda is very happy about this. The conversation segues into Piper's old soapmaking business, and Piper tells Zelda about her history with Larry and Polly. Zelda laughs when she finds out that Piper was engaged to a man, and tells Piper she should get back in touch with Larry to clear the air. Piper is very hesitant but Zelda finds Larry's contact in Piper's phone and makes Piper call him. When Larry picks up, he is playing with Finn and is very surprised to hear from her, and puts her on speaker when Polly walks in. Polly is very hesitant to talk to Piper at all, and Piper asks if the two of them want to get coffee. Polly declines saying they don't drink coffee, but Larry asks if she wants to do dinner instead and Piper agrees and hangs up.

In Restorative Justice class, Beth Hoefler and Maria Ruiz are sitting opposite each other while Beth apologizes for trying to drown Maria. Maria is unsatisfied by her apology and tells Joe Caputo that Beth is dangerous and should stay locked up if she can't control herself. Maria says she would never do something so violent to another person, and Dixon, who had been supervising, speaks up and tells Maria about the humiliation and trauma that she inflicted on him during the riot. He takes Beth's seat and Maria genuinely apologizes to him for her past actions. They are both crying when Ward walks past and observes the exchange - both her and Caputo are surprised and slightly uncomfortable. Beth consoles Dixon and Maria, and all three of them hug. After the class ends, Ward approaches Caputo to confirm their double date, and tells him that he should be proud of the work he's doing in the class.

Luschek is now supervising the GED class, but instead of teaching, he and the class are watching an old documentary in silence. Pennsatucky speaks up and asks when they're going to get a new teacher. Luschek tells her a few months, which is after the GED test, and says that she should try caring less, dismissing the class early. Dayanara Diaz stays behind and says she has a business proposition. Luschek immediately agrees before even knowing what it is. Daya tells him she wants to bring fentanyl patches inside books, but Luschek says that would be too suspicious and offers to "kiester" it himself. Daya is weirded out but agrees and leaves.

Lolly Whitehill and Suzanne Warren are in the chicken coop and discover a dead chicken (presumably the one killed by the taser). Suzanne concludes that the death was not an accident, and Lolly accuses the mysterious 13th chicken of killing its fellow bird. Suzanne catches the suspected chicken and puts it in a cage, saying they have to isolate it so another death doesn't occur. Suzanne forcefully tells Lolly that they need to bury the dead chicken and pretend like the whole thing never happened, to which Lolly says that this feels familiar.

Ward comes across Hopper and Linda Ferguson in one of the hallways whispering to each other. When they notice Ward, Linda approaches her and admonishes her for Morello's escape. Linda tells Ward that the new programs have been nothing but problematic, and is even more upset that Caputo is teaching a class. Ward tells Linda that all the new programs are ultimately saving PolyCon money because the inmates are satisfied and less likely to act out. Linda says that she appreciates that, but that Ward's grace period is over.

Alex meets up with McCullough in a closet, and while McCullough undresses she tells Alex about how frightened she was when she heard about Morello's escape. Alex discovers that McCullough is still burning herself and embraces her while McCullough opens up to her about her PTSD and self-harm.

Pennsatucky is studying with Taystee in the library when Creech and Zirconia come in and ask to be tutored as well now that Luschek is in charge of the class. Pennsatucky reluctantly agrees to let them join. They sit down and Aleida Diaz walks into the library, thinking the four of them are there to buy drugs. She makes fun of the GED but Creech tells her that her sad life is leaking out all over the place, and Aleida backs off and leaves, still laughing about the GED.

The next day, Gloria, Nicky, and Flaca are the only ICE kitchen crew workers. Nicky tries to get more information about Morello, but is summoned to Medical. When she arrives, Red is laying on an examination chair and the doctor is next to her. The doctor says he wants to go over the diagnosis with Nicky. Nicky is worried but comes to stand next to Red. It is revealed that Red has early-onset dementia that was accelerated by her time spent in the SHU as well as a UTI. Nicky starts crying while Red turns away from her. The doctor tells Nicky that she was the person that Red trusted the most and that soon Red will need assistance with all of daily life. After the doctor leaves, Red turns back to Nicky and apologizes, crying and in shock while Nicky holds her.

In Restorative Justice class, Caputo takes the place of one of Juanita Vasquez's victims, a sex worker that Vasquez managed as a pimp, reading from her testimony while Vasquez is instructed to listen and empathize with her victim's pain. While he reads the testimony, he notices striking similarities in what the woman said about Vasquez and the ways that he treated Susan Fischer. Vasquez continuously denies blame and tells Caputo that her victim knew what she was getting into, and that she wasn't even good at her job. Caputo gets increasingly frustrated and snaps at Vasquez that she isn't listening to her victim, and ends up walking out of the class in distress.

At the chicken coop, Suzanne interrogates the chicken murder suspect. Alvarez notices what she's doing but seems unbothered. Suddenly Dwight screams and runs out holding another dead chicken. Suzanne is shocked when she finds out that she imprisoned an innocent chicken.

Back in D Block, Morello is walked in by a guard. She appears to still be in shock, not speaking or looking at anyone and barely able to walk on her own. Nicky and Gloria help guide her to her cell and try to ask her about what happened. Morello says that the last thing she remembers is Vinnie coming to see her, then taking her baby away. Nicky and Gloria are upset about this, and when Nicky gets Lorna to her bed, she apologizes for not having been there for her. Nicky tells Gloria that she needs to be with Lorna so she can't go to work, and asks Gloria to apologize to Shani for her.

In the ICE detention center, Chaj lays on her bed with the pot of boiled parsley, clutching her stomach in pain. Shani is trying to style her hair when she gets a letter issuing a final order of removal, meaning she is going to be deported very soon.

Alex sits in her cell, looking at Zelda's Instagram. Her story is filled with videos of her and Piper, and Alex is bothered and upset. She spots McCullough walking around the block, and grabs her shower caddy, making eye contact with McCullough as she approaches the shower room. McCullough follows behind, locking the door. McCullough asks Alex if she's stupid for thinking that their relationship is real, and Alex says she's not, kissing her.

Piper walks into a sushi restaurant, having brought Zelda as a buffer for her dinner with Larry and Polly. Larry arrives and seems charmed by Zelda. Later during dinner, Piper tells Larry and Polly that she's married, and Larry mistakenly thinks that she's married to Zelda. When Piper tells him that Alex is actually her wife, the table is silent before Larry awkwardly asks how it's going. Piper says it's going well but Larry seems doubtful. Polly tells Piper that she and Larry are pregnant, and Piper is shocked at how quickly they're having another kid after getting together. Zelda tries to break the tension, and Piper expresses her happiness for them while Zelda puts her hand on Piper's back.

Daya and her crew are celebrating being back in the drug business while Aleida sits at another table alone, glaring at them. Swope gets up and offers to take Daya's tray but then slips drugs to Annalisa Damiva at the tray station. Annalisa then goes to sit by Aleida, remarking that maybe Aleida could use a friend. Aleida doesn't like Annalisa, but agrees when Annalisa offers to give her information about Daya's pipeline. Annalisa makes sure that Daya sees her and Aleida becoming allies.

Caputo and Natalie Figueroa approach Ward's house. They talk about prison business with Ward and her boyfriend, and Ward expresses her gratitude for Fig and Caputo's help. Caputo tells Ward that he is resigning from Restorative Justice class. Fig tries to talk him out of it and says that he got "Me-Too'd" over nothing. Caputo says that he was not the victim and tells Ward the full story of his history with Susan Fischer. Ward is shocked but agrees that he has to resign.

Piper is walking Zelda back to her house while they talk about relationships. Piper asks Zelda if she thinks some relationships just reach their end, and Zelda says she does think that, but also that some relationships just keep evolving. They share a prolonged hug, and Zelda invites Piper to be her plus-one at a gala that her company is putting on. Piper says yes and walks off, looking back at Zelda once more. She later realizes she has multiple missed calls from Alex and tries to call her back, but Alex declines her call.


Alex Vause[]

Alex is chasing Sylvia into a subway station. Sylvia is extremely drunk and arguing with Alex that she embarrassed her in front of her friends. While trying to put her jacket on, Sylvia drops her phone onto the tracks, and Alex tells her that this wouldn't happen if Sylvia weren't wasted. Alex walks away from Sylvia to ask a trash picker for his tool, and while her back is turned, Sylvia jumps into the tracks to retrieve her phone herself. A train approaches the station while onlookers scream, and Alex runs to help Sylvia out of the tracks before the train runs her down. She succeeds and Sylvia cries in her arms.

6 months later, Sylvia is sober and Alex greets her with sparkling cider and dinner reservations to celebrate. Sylvia says she already made plans with her AA group, and that Alex is invited. Alex is annoyed with Sylvia and says that she feels like she isn't part of Sylvia's "new life". Sylvia says that a lot of people helped get her sober and that Alex hasn't even tried to get to know her sober friends, then walks out the door. Alex goes out by herself and ends up at a bar when she sees Piper walk in - this was the first time they met.

After the incident with Sylvia discovering Piper and punching her (seen in Piper's flashback in "Little Mustachioed Shit"), Sylvia and Alex are in the living room while Sylvia yells at Alex for cheating on her. Alex tells Sylvia that she thought they were on pause because Sylvia had screamed at her three days ago. Sylvia says that Alex is pushing her away because she's not "broken" anymore, and that Alex is just afraid of getting hurt. Sylvia hugs her while Alex stares out the window at Piper on the street.

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