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The Suburbs

"The Suburbs" refers to Cell Block A, which generally houses the white women at Litchfield Penitentiary.

Current Members Edit

  • Galina "Red" Reznikov - Red is the leader and a mother figure for a group within The Suburbs known as Red's Family. She held the position of Head Chef at Litchfield before Pornstache's drug smuggling ring was discovered in her kitchen and Red, who got the blame, was demoted. She eventually re-gained the title in Season Three.
  • Nicky Nichols - a recovering heroin addict who has a close relationship with Red, shown by Red referring to Nicky as her "daughter". She is in prison for possession of heroin, which leads to a series of struggles of addiction and coming clean in the series.
  • Lorna (Morello) Muccio - Morello is friendly and approachable and has a strong bond with Nicky. Although her appearance is sweet and innocent it is revealed she is at Litchfield for stalking Christopher whom she went on one date with. She marries Vince Muccio in Season Three.
  • Norma Romano - Norma rarely speaks due to a severe stutter. She assists Red in the kitchen and has a close friendship with Gina. In Season Three, Norma is made leader of a group which develops into a cult known as the "Norma Worshippers".
  • Gina Murphy - Good friends with Norma and Red; however at one point her relationship with Red struggles when Red accidentally leads to her suffer serious burns caused by an oven grease fire. She believes in "Magic Norma" in Season Three. Her offense is that of Embezzlement, though the details of this have not yet been revealed.
  • Erica "Yoga" Jones - Yoga runs a yoga and meditation class at Litchfield. In Season Four, she is assigned a bunk with Judy King and although outwardly expresses the unfairness of the special treatment, she uses it to her advantage. She is at Litchfield for accidentally killing an eight year old boy, whom she thought was a deer when drunk and protecting her marijuana plants with a rifle.
  • Anita DeMarco - Often welcomes the new inmates as they share her bunk until they are assigned to the dorms. She had a close relationship with Miss Rosa and took it hard when she died.
  • Piper Chapman - In prison for money laundering, Piper is initially introduced as someone who keeps her head down. However, her stay at Litchfield brings out a manipulative and cunning side to her. She breaks up with her fiancé Larry for Alex, whom she has an on and off relationship with, before they become engaged in Season Five. In Season Three she runs a used-pantie business by smuggling left over fabric from her job at Whispers.
  • Alex Vause - the wife of Piper Chapman, she is at Litchfield for drug trafficking. She is released in Season Two due to a plea deal, however returns to Litchfield at the end of the season as Piper alerts Alex's probation officer that she is planning on leaving town, which is a violation of her probation.
  • Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Doggett - A former religious extremist who had a group of followers including Angie and Leanne in Season One. She is in prison for killing an orderly who commented disparagingly on her five abortions. In later seasons, she loses her religious fanatic viewpoint and develops a close bond with Big Boo.
  • Carrie "Big Boo" Black- a confident and strong proud "dyke" who develops a close friendship with Pennsatucky. She refuses to be 'invisible' and is proud of her sexuality, refusing to tolerate hateful comments against the gay community.
  • Leanne Taylor - Leanne is easily swayed and has a strong desire to be a part of any religious community. She was a member of both Pennsatucky's religious fanatic activities and the Magic Norma cult. She is best friends with Angie Rice and is in prison for selling drugs.
  • Angie Rice - Best friends with Leanne and most of the time follows Leanne's footsteps. Her offence is unknown, although it is likely for the possession of meth.
  • Stephanie Hapakuka - Although Hapakuka is hawaiian, she is housed in A Dorm, bunking with Piper, Red and Alana Dwight. Piper was antagonistic towards her from her arrival, but Stephanie refused to be intimidated. Later, Piper asked Stephanie to provide paid security for Piper as head of Felonious Spunk. This lasted until the formation of the White Power Group, whereupon Piper sold her out. In retaliation, Stephanie lured Piper into a secluded spot where she was attacked by Maria Ruiz's gang.
  • Alana Dwight - Alana bunks above Red and snores terribly, incurring Red's wrath. She is shown to be very nervous, and does not seem to have established herself as part of a group as of the end of Season Four.

Former Members Edit

Deceased Members Edit

  • Tricia Miller - The youngest member of the group, considered by Red her "daughter" and was a "sister" to Nicky. Tricia had a drug addiction and died from an overdose when Mendez gave her pills to sell, although Mendez framed her death to appear as suicide by hanging. Red took her death particularly hard, devastated she could not protect Tricia.
  • "Miss" Rosa Cisneros - An older inmate dying of cancer who had a strong connection with Anita. She committed suicide in an "all out" style by stealing and driving the prison van into a quarry after she found out that she only had weeks to live. She was in prison for committing for bank robbery.