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The Meth-Heads consist of Leanne Taylor , Angie Rice and (formerly) Tiffany (Pennsatucky) Doggett.


All Meth-Heads have greasy, unwashed hair and rotten yellow teeth. The only exception to the teeth is Pennsatucky, who got into a fight with Piper Chapman, lost all of her rotten teeth, and as a result Litchfield paid for her surgery to get artificial teeth placed in.

Behaviour and Memorable Moments[]

All the meth-heads ever want to do is get high, on anything. In Season 5 when the prison riot breaks out, the first thing that Leanne and Angie run to is the medicine cabinet, where they scream "WE WANT DRUGS". In Season 2, Leanne wishes for something and hopes for Norma Romano to make it come true. We see a bag of Vee's Heroin fall out of a light, where Nicky Nichols placed it for safekeeping. Leanne and Angie excitedly take it, Leanne saying that her wish came true.

Both meth-heads seem to have questionable behaviour, as shown where they spend an entire episode praying a piece of toast that looks like Norma, ever so creatively called "Toast Norma". In Season 5, Angie has control of the gun during the riot for a brief, and creates a talent-show, even though they're in the middle of a very important and dangerous riot. She then loses the gun, because she can't remember the very safe place she put it, which turns out to be her belt, and then is stolen by Pennsatucky so she can give it to CO Coates so he can escape. When she throws the gun towards him, it goes off and Leanne's finger is shot off.

During the riot, they also are in charge of the time-machine that Lolly made in the electrical room, and loan it out to 'lezzies'. When Piper and Alex are trying to have sex, they're outside the door, commenting on the sounds they make, and even try to start charging them 'one dollar per titty'. They eventually destroy the time-machine, thinking it's killing lesbians.

History of the Meth-Heads[]

The meth-heads are first seen with Pennsatucky leading them. She seems to call the shots and the other two aimlessly follow her and when they're not trying to get high, they're praising Jesus and being 'holy', even though it's clearly rubbish.

Pennsatucky gets Piper thrown into the SHU the first time, when her and Alex are dancing provocatively at Taystee's leaving party, by reporting their dance to Sam Healy who accuses Piper of attempted rape (after she gets out of SHU, Piper brings Alex to the chapel and they have sex for the first time in prison).