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"The Hidey Hole" is the ninth episode of the seventh season of Orange Is the New Black. It is the eighty-seventh episode of the series overall. It premiered on July 26, 2019.


Competition forces Daya to find a new mule. Piper decides to come out as a felon. Karla asks to leave for a custody hearing. Shani confides in Nicky.



After a yoga class, Piper tells Zelda about her yoga classes in prison with Yoga Jones. When Zelda wonders loudly about yoga in prison Piper becomes upset about people overhearing that she was in prison but Zelda reminds her that she said she was going to start telling people. Piper tells her she plans to start telling her co-workers. When the desk clerk offers to sell Piper some classes, she loudly says that she can't afford them because she was in prison and is on parole.

The next time that Piper is at work she expertly changes a florescent light bulb, impressing her co-workers. They ask how she knew how to do that and she is about to say that she took a course in prison but her dad walks in. Instead she says she was in the Peace Corps. However she soon changes her mind and blurts out that she was in prison right in front of her dad. Her co-workers are surprisingly supportive, saying that everyone makes mistakes. She also owns up to drinking their alcohol and eating their cookie cake.

Piper talks to her dad in his office. He is exasperated with her behavior. She tells him that this is how she is and she will probably never change. He comes to terms with her behavior and shows her that he has a video of her drunkingly eating the cookie cake, which the two share a laugh about.

Nicky builds a make-shift private area in the kitchen of the detention center where she and Shani can hook up (the hidey hole of the title). However Shani remains reluctant to have Nicky pleasure her. Later Shani tells Nicky that she is the victim of female genital mutilation. Nicky researches different ways that she can pleasure Shani anyway and Shani agrees.

Since Gloria found Diablo at another detention center in Georgia, word has gotten out that she can find people. Women haven been lining up to give her people to find. Meanwhile, Blanca befriends Karla, who learns that she needs to be at a hearing in two days or she will lose custody of her children. Litvak denies her request. Karla tells Blanca she can't even call her children and tell them that she was fighting for them; they will simply think she didn't care. Blanca tells her she knows someone who can find out where the children are (implied to be Gloria).

Tiffany continues her studies in the GED class, improving her score significantly. However she is annoyed by Daya and her crew who purposely join the classes to try to get Mr Fantauzzo to smuggle drugs in.

After class, Daya and her crew corner Mr Fantauzzo and threaten him using information they have gathered from the internet, saying that he will have to bring drugs into the prison for them. It is later revealed that he suddenly quit.

Cindy is doing well on parole, getting along with her mom and Monica and even getting a job at a nursing home. She comes home the night of her successful interview and hears her mom and Monica arguing. Monica has received Taystee's letter and accused Lillian of lying to her. She begins yelling at Cindy when she walks in as well. Lillian is also upset because Cindy obviously told someone in prison that she was Monica's biological mother. Monica storms out. Later, Lillian tells Cindy that Monica is fine and at a friend's house. Cindy leaves the house. Lillian asks her to stay, saying that the three of them need to talk about why Lillian and Cindy did what they did when Monica comes home. Cindy says Monica and Lillian are better off without her. Lillian says that if Cindy leaves she better never come back but Cindy still leaves.

Caputo gets a drop in visit from the college dean. Everything is going well until he is served with a PFA from Fischer. Caputo tries to explain what happened with Fischer but only makes things worse and ends up getting fired. Against Fig's advice he decides to go to talk to Ward to again "try to get ahead of it". There he runs into Taystee working her prison job. Taystee is the one person who is happy to see him these days. When Ward comes up she tells him he better not have bad news (this is when it's revealed that Mr Frantauzzo quit). Caputo tells her it's not important.

Alex continues her affair with McCullough.

Lorna gets a visit from Vinny. She tells him that she's upset because Sterling's Intagram keeps being taken down for "inappropriate contact". Vinny tells her that he had it taken down and gently reminds her that Sterling is dead and those aren't his real pictures, they are other babies. She continues talking about Sterling as if he is alive. This emotionally devastates Vinny and he tells her that he loves her but he needs to divorce her if she can't live in reality. He asks if she heard him and she just stares blankly.

At the end of the episode, the kitchen crew is being taken to the detention center but Lorna is missing. The guards look for her unsuccessfully so everyone is placed on lock-down. Lorna is shown running through corridors and running out of a an external door.


Lorna Muccio[]

Lorna is on a double date with her sister Fran, Fran's husband and a man named Tony (Lorna's date) at a dive bar playing pool. Lorna meets a couple who just got engaged that night and have come back to the bar (where they first met) to celebrate. They tell her they got engaged at the Palace Hotel on the rooftop bar, which is where they plan to get married. Lorna wants to hear all about their love story, which annoys Tony, who wishes she would just play pool.

Lorna and Tony leave the bar and he offers a tipsy Lorna a ride home. He grabs her and she says no and pushes him away. He becomes angry and says that she's a tease since she was joking about sex during the date. He drives off angrily and she begins to walk away.

The next morning Lorna is sitting at the rooftop bar at the Palace Hotel. She is approached by a hotel staffer who tells her that they are setting up for an event she needs to leave. It is clear Lorna doesn't know where she is or how she got there. She goes to the ladies room and notices that she has blood on her chest but no injury.

She finds a receipt from a store and retrieves her purse and phone from the store. She calls Fran who has been trying to reach her. Fran comes to pick her up. Fran asks her how she got to the hotel which is 15 miles from the bar. She tearfully says she doesn't know and says "I think I walked".

In the final flashback, Lorna is shown walking earlier in the evening before. She is in a construction type area. A car approaches her and is beeping at her. She thinks it is Tony and yells at "him" to leave her alone. She picks up a chunk of concrete and throws it at the car, hitting the windshield. The car veers into a piece of equipment and crashes. Lorna checks on the occupants and notices that it is the recently engaged couple from the bar and they are both dead.

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"Different Drum" by The Stone Poneys 


  • In this episode, we learn significantly about Lorna's erotomania, where we see that in traumautic moments, Lorna actually blacks out.
  • Last appearance of Francine Morello


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