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Swapna Majumdar is a former detainee of the ICE detention centre. She is of Bengali heritage. Not much is known of her background. She is portrayed by Tuli Roy.


She seems very kind to the other detainees, helping shani and making fun of the officer "clitvack"

Swapna is first seen in S7. She is seen being handed a piece of paper with the number for a lawyer by Maritza Ramos. ("Minority Deport")

She was seen wanting to use a computer after Officer Litvack plugged them back in but Blanca doesn't let her use it as it was reserved for her friend Karla. ("Me as Well")

Swapna is later seen handing in her food tray she hands Gloria Mendoza a piece of paper and asking her to help find her sister. ("Baker's Dozen")

She is seen being handed another piece of paper by Gloria after she found her sister. Later in the episode she is seen in court with the judge asking to stay in the country because if she is deported she would be prosecuted but because of lack of evidence that this would happen to her she was denied asylum and then deported. 

At the end of the episode she is last seen at night on an airplane with other detainees being deported back to her counrty. ("God Bless America")


DSC 0032

Swapna talking to Gloria