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"If you need to research the activities, I'd be happy to join you, as I have homo-proclivities"
Maureen to Suzanne, in a poem about Time Hump Chronicles

Mauranne is the romantic pairing of Suzanne Warren and Maureen Kukudio. The two meet when Maureen reads Suzanne's sci-fi erotica, Time Hump Chronicles.


Season Three[]

When Suzanne writes the Time Hump Chronicles for drama class, her work is rejected, but Taystee convinces her to keep writing and share her story with the other inmates. One of the readers and fans of her story is Maureen, who asks Suzanne if there can be more girl-on-girl action. She tries to help by providing some insight and sexual experience that could be used as inspiration. When inmates escape out of a hole in the fence at the conclusion of the season, Suzanne and Maureen walk off together.

Season Four[]

Maureen urges Suzanne to run away with her and not go back to prison. They enjoy a bit of time together in the woods by the lake and Maureen tries to create a girl-on-girl love fantasy, but Suzanne rebuffs her, as she senses some strange behavior by Maureen. When the two come across an abandoned guard house, Suzanne runs back to camp while Maureen waits in the guard house for her to return. Soon, guards come and take Maureen back to prison. 

The two begin to clash with one another with Maureen angry at Suzanne's abandonment. With the guards messing with Suzanne's head, she is eventually baited into fighting Maureen, and she attacks her savagely. Maureen is sent to Medical to be treated, and Suzanne is taken there later after she collapses a bookshelf on herself in grief at Poussey's death.

Season Five[]

While all the women are rioting, Suzanne and Maureen rest in Medical in adjacent beds. The two apologize for their actions, and when Humphrey is sent to Medical for his leg wound, the two converse with him despite the insults and his provocation earlier. Maureen takes a turn for the worse as her injuries become infected. Suzanne abandons her in fear after Humphrey dies, at least partly due to Maureen blowing air into his IV, which causes a stroke. When the siege ends, 

Season Six[]

It is revealed that Maureen died of an infection from the wounds she sustained in her fight with Suzanne.