"Storm-y Weather" is the thirteenth and final episode of the fifth season of Orange Is the New Black. It is the sixty-fifth episode of the series overall. It premiered on June 9, 2017. It was written by Lauren Morelli and directed by Jesse Peretz.

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As chaos descends on Litchfield three days into the riot, the inmates wonder what the future holds and seek solace in loved ones.

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Officers in riot gear storm the prison. Taystee realizes that she should have taken the deal offered by Figueroa and tries to stop it, but she's too late; they break down the front door with weapons in hand. They begin rounding up the inmates, who scream and try to run, but are caught, and some of them tased. Alison removes her hijab before the officers grab her (it is presumed that this is in fear that they would inflict more harm because of her religious faith).

Red, Gina, Norma, Alex, Piper, Blanca, Yoga Jones, DeMarco, and Frieda are all still downstairs in the abandoned pool when it begins, and are forced to choose between surrendering, or remaining in hiding until the riot officers find them. Frieda and Red argue that it's safer to stay where they are, but Yoga Jones reminds them they have an unconsious guard tied up in the pool. Yoga, DeMarco, Norma, and Gina leave, leaving the remaining women alone in the hideout.

Meanwhile Mendoza, who is still locked in the bubble with Luschek, is anxious that she needs to call to check on her son, Benny's, condition. Zirconia enters the bubble with a knife and tells Gloria that she's traded Gloria's cellphone for a knife. She agrees to free Mendoza as the riot is over. Luschek tells her that there is a phone is Healy's office, and to lie under the desk so officers won't see her shadow in the room. When she calls, her aunt Lourdes tells her that Benny is out of surgery and doing alright. Gloria asks Lourdes to tell Benny that she loves him, and Lourdes promises that if anything happens to Gloria, she will be there for her sons.

Ouija and Pidge team up with the White Power Group once again, and they decide to create a plan to try and fight the officers, or at least go down fighting. They barricade themselves in A-Dorm and make homemade weapons. Their attempts are ultimately fruitless and they are dragged outside in straightjacket-like devices.

Nicky returns to the pharmacy to tell Lorna that the prison is being stormed. Lorna begs Nicky to stay with her, but Nicky says she has to tell Red and the others what is happening. Lorna expresses how scared she is for herself and her baby. Nicky agrees to stay with Lorna for five more minutes and holds her tight.

Officers enter the chapel, where some inmates have decided to stay and surrender peacefully without reprisal, including Ginsberg, Rhea, Stephanie and Lea, who have improvised a speech, claiming they prayed all the time to not to be beaten during their capture. The Weeping Woman resists indirectly in her capture, refusing to get up when requested due to fear, and Herrmann callously beats her with a baton. They are later seen storming the laundry, where Alana Dwight shouts that she wants it recorded that she hasn't done anything wrong. Natoli points his gun at her and is reprimanded by Herrmann, who says that the pepper bullets can still kill at close range, and if he wants to hurt the inmates he should taser or mace them instead. Aggrivated, he hits Alana in the face with his rifle.

Officers find a septic Maureen in medical, and callously remark upon her raging infected wound looking like elephantitis. She kicks out at one of them and tells him to go fuck himself. They comment that she just robbed herself of the sympathy vote and haul her up despite her condition, saying the doesn't have an infection in her legs. They force her to walk out of medical.

Taystee finds Cindy by Suzanne's bed, unable to wake Suzanne after giving her lithium to calm her down. Cindy tells Taystee that Suzanne's breathing is abnormal. Unable to carry her to safety, Cindy runs to the closet to receive the wheelchair they left Humps' body in. They sit Suzanne in the chair and make a run for it.

Leanne and Angie have decided to get high one last time by sniffing bleach fumes before being taken by the riot officers, but end up in the same closet as Humps' dead body, which freaks out Angie. In an unusual moment of self-reflection, the two decide that since they may have been the bad guys leading up to this, they should do something good, so they can be seen as good people. The put all of the inmates' files in the bubble and burn them, before being captured by riot officers.

Maritza and Flaca are in the middle of making one last YouTube video, which catches some of the violence by the officers who storm the room. Once Maritza posts the video, a guard shoots the ceiling with a pepper spray bullet which results in debris in Maritza's eyes.

Meanwhile, Chang finds the hole in the fence outside and crawls through it, saying "See you later, motherfuckers!"

Cindy and Taystee take Suzanne to the pharmacy, looking for something that will counteract the effects of the lithium overdose. Nicky decides to take them to the pool, as Frieda may have something. Lorna wants to join them, but Nicky tells her it's too dangerous. She tells Lorna to walk towards the officers with her hands up, yelling that she is pregnant until she's sure that they've heard her. Taystee, Suzanne, Cindy and Nicky part ways with Lorna. Nicky hears Lorna shout out the news with her hands up, and runs away in visible distress.

At the memorial she built for Poussey, Soso resists peacefully and is carried away by the officers, who show no regard for the memorial and casually vandalize it.

The cafeteria is invaded, along with smoke grenades. Jennifer gets caught under the table while Randolita gets caught in the kitchen. Boo is shoved against the grating of the recreation room, and Linda starts screaming that she is from MCC. The officers pay no attention and Boo and pulls Linda alongside her lest she is shot by one of the officers.

When they get to the room that leads to the pool, Nicky starts searching for something to help Suzanne, saying an upper would be better than her having a stroke, which frightens Cindy. Frieda tells her where to find an adrenaline shot (EpiPen), which Cindy insists on giving her herself. Suzanne wakes up and returns to her usual self. Cindy hugs her, crying with relief whilst apologising profusely to Suzanne. Piper and Alex ask Nicky if Lorna is alright and Nicky responds with "I think so, yeah".

Outside, Yadriel is waiting with Pepa. Maria is allowed to run over to them, and hold her baby, for five minutes.

Officers bring out what they believe to be all of the inmates, and have them sit in lines on the lawn. Leanne sees her mother and exclaims "I guess she does care if I live or die!". Maritza and Flaca have fans yelling to them, and Vinnie, Lorna's husband, comes running onto the lawn to tell her he won't leave her or their unborn baby. He is grabbed by officers and dragged away. Linda again tries to tell the officers that she doesn't belong there, but other inmates thwart her attempts by saying "I work at MCC too!", and she is left to the same fate as the others, much to the amusement of Boo, Sankey and Brandy.

Caputo and Figueroa express relief at the ordeal ending, until they are informed that there are ten inmates missing. Caputo says they're probably in the pool, which Figueroa adds should have been filled years ago. Caputo is about to tell the officers how to find the pool until he's informed that the governer has given the go ahead on inmate casualities. He leaves in protest, and Figueroa presumably tells them instead.

During all of this, Pennsatucky, who had also escaped through the hole in the fence, is hanging out in one of the guard houses behind the campus. The house appears to belong to Coates, who eventually comes home. The pair shyly curl up with each other one the couch and watch television.

Gloria, who has managed to hide from the officers, arrives in the locker-room before the pool to warn the others that the officers will be coming for them. Frieda brings her, Cindy, Taystee and Suzanne down to the pool. The newcomers are all awestruck, except Taystee, who sees Piscatella tied up. She is immediately filled with anger and grabs Frieda's gun, pointing it at his face, blaming him for Poussey's death. The other inmates attempt to reason with her. Taystee rages at Piscatella until her rage turns to raw grief and she falls to the floor sobbing. Cindy hugs her, and simultaneously passes the gun back to Frieda. Having seen this, Red decides to let Piscatella free, as long as he promises to leave without touching any of them. He silently agrees and Red cuts him loose.

Outside, it's grown dark and multiple prison buses arrive. Watson and Alison express concern about Taystee, Cindy, and Suzanne, since they were not brought outside with the other inmates. Yoga wonders if the buses are there to take them to Max, but DeMarco responds that there isn't room for all of them. Maritza and Flaca are separated into two different buses, which has a dramatic effect on the pair. Flaca bursts into tears, and Maritza shouts a emotional "I love you!" with no response from Flaca as they are hearded into the buses. Lorna is seen boarding a different bus, anxiously looking round for her friends but seeing no familiar faces.

Back inside, the riot officers, who have been given permission to use deadly force if necessary, are walking down the hallway towards the entrance of the old pool. Piscatella steps into the hallway, but only has time to say "hey-" before an officer, the inexperienced Natoli, shoots him in the face. Surprised that they've shot a male guard rather than a female inmate, the officers rush to find a pulse, but there is none. In a juxtaposition to Bayley when he inadvertently murdered Poussey in Season Four, the young, inexperienced soldier's eyes fill with tears as, terrified, he states that he was aiming at the roof but that Piscatella was too tall.

The inmates in the pool (Frieda, Suzanne, Cindy, Taystee, Red, Piper, Alex, Nicky, Gloria and Blanca) hear the gunshot that killed Piscatella and know that they've been found. Knowing that this could easily result in their deaths, they are unsure of what they should do. Frieda tells them the best idea is to keep their dignity. The ten of them stand in a line holding hands, and wait for what's coming. The episode ends with officers blowing up the door, the blast making them jump, and pushing many of them back. We see each of their faces before the screen fades to orange.

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There are no flashbacks in this episode.

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"See you later, motherfuckers!"
Mei Chang, as she escapes through the gap in the fence
"We keep our dignity"
Frieda, to the group in the pool, moments before it is stormed
"Dont be stupid. He’s a guard, not a person."
Leanne Taylor, about CO Humphrey

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  • An error in the script had the riot police come up ten inmates short in their counts, when it was actually twelve. The writers most likely failed to account for the two who went through the gap in the fence. However, due to miscounting Linda Ferguson as an inmate, the guards should have come up as eleven short, instead of ten. This is most likely an error on the writers' part.

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