A shot is a mark given to an inmate who violates a code or procedure.

Overview Edit

The most common reason for an inmate receiving a shot is disobeying a staff member. If an inmate receives too many shots, they will have to go in front of the Disciplinary Board to discuss whether or not a transfer to SHU, Maximum Security or Psych is needed.

Other reasons include but are not limited to:

  • Wearing make-up not sold at commissary
  • Running instead of walking
  • Swearing at or otherwise disrespecting a staff member
  • Improper attire
  • Smuggling food out of the dining hall

In Season Two, Joe Caputo introduced a shot quota for the COs in response to criticism from Fig. This did not go down well with the COs, who felt the quota was unrealistic and unfair to both inmates and staff.