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A shank is a weapon used in prisons, commonly made of toothbrushes whittled down to be sharp, although other items can be used.

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In Season Two, Taslitz attempts to stab Vee with a shank to protect Red. However, she instead inadvertently stabs a random inmate who looks like Vee from the back. Taslitz is sent to Maximum Security. It is unknown what happened to the stabbing victim.
03x13 Contraband1

Correctional Officers Baxter Bayley and Erin Sikowitz examining the candy shank found in Stella Carlin's bunk.

In Season Three, Piper finds a shank made out of hard candy whilst searching for a contraband cellphone. She later plants this - along with other contraband items - in Stella Carlin's bunk, causing Stella to be sent to Max.