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Shani Abboud is a former detainee at the PolyCon Corrections ICE detention centre. She is portrayed by Marie-Lou Nahhas.


Physical appearance[]

Shani has long, dark hair which she often wears up, covered with a hairnet, or down, loose, in soft curls and waves. She stands several inches taller than Nicky.


Before Detainment[]

Shani is originally from Luxor, Egypt. Her uncle owned the biggest satellite dish in town, and she used to watch all sorts of TV shows, whether or not she understood the language.

At the age of twelve, Shani suffered from female genital mutilation.

Shani was confronted by her parents after she was found kissing a woman in a hotel for tourists, and a social media account was found displaying her relationship. Her father said he would not do anything about it himself, but would not stop other relatives from attempting honor killings, claiming that Shani's sexuality had shamed the family. After this, Shani emigrates to the US in fear of persecution for her sexual orientation. ("God Bless America")

Season Seven[]

[. . .] Shani lies that she was a chef in order to get out of being in the detention center. Nicky begins to take interest in her as they cook together Shani tries to convince Nicky that Red isn't just suffering as a result of the SHU, more so that she has dementia.  Later, Shani and Nicky have sex, with Shani going down on Nicky. On another day, they go into the freezer to have sex, but are interrupted by Red who is shivering and unknowing of why she is in there. [. . .] Shani fails to claim asylum and tries to inform Nicky, who isn't working that day that she is being deported. Ruiz takes Shani's note for Nicky.



  • Nicky Nichols - Shani volunteers to help Nicky and the other Max inmates at the ICE detention center kitchen. The two have reciprocated feelings for one another, and have kissed and had sex. Nicky offers to help Shani to try and overcome the issues caused by her female genital mutilation. Nicky is away when Shani learns that her appeal for asylum has been denied, and makes a scene at the kitchen hatch in order to get her note to Nicky via the other kitchen staff members. Maria Ruiz takes the note.



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