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Rosalie Deitland is an inmate at Litchfield Penitentiary Maximum Security, a member of C-Block and the library book dispenser. She is portrayed by Mandela Bellamy.


Rosalie is a sarcastic, and sometimes rather stubborn inmate. She is honest, but generally cheerful and kind to inmates. She seems to be marginally indifferent to everything and does not seem to associate with the gang war between C-Block and D-Block. She will not smile unless something funny happens.

Physical Appearance[]

Deitland has short black hair and is slightly overweight. She has dark eyes.


Season Six[]

Rosalie Deitland is first seen when she is being passed on the rumor of Desi Piscatella's death from Marie Brock, while she is distributing books to the inmates in their cells. Deitland then arrives at Piper Chapman and Beth Hoefler's cell. Hoefler asks for something to read, but Deitland declines. However, she does give a book to Piper. When Piper starts talking about the book, which she has read before, Deitland makes it clear the book has a message from Red in it. She does not allow Beth to take out a book ("Look Out for Number One")

She arrives at Alex's bunk and asks if she wants anything. Alex states she doesn't have any money but Deitland tells her she has $100. Alex is shocked and Deitland kindly tells her she'll circle back. ("Gordons")

Rosalie gives Piper Chapman a book she did not order. When Piper tries to return the book to her, Rosalie insists she opens it. Inside, Piper finds a piece of papers with autographs, reaching her goal of 16 needed autographs in order to re-instate kickball. ("Break the String")

Rosalie is told by Barbara to give Nicky Nichols and Lorna Morello Muccio whatever they want and to put it on Barbara's tap. She then takes their orders. When Barbara tries to order cleansing cream however, Rosalie tells her they are all out.("Chocolate Chip Nookie")

Rosalie takes part in the try-outs for the promotional video for PolyCon. She reads a line about educational programmes, but then questions if her book cart is considered an educational programme since she is not aware of any other programmes in the prison. When it is suggested she smiles more, she declines and she is told she won't get the part and to stop wasting time by Luschek ("Double Trouble")