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Rick Hopper is the captain of the Maximum security facility of Litchfield Penitentiary. He is portrayed by Hunter Emery.

Personality Edit

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Physical Appearance Edit

He is a balding man, with a thick blonde mustache and goatee beard.

Biography Edit

Season Five Edit

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Season Six Edit

Hopper is a CO at Litchfield Max. He participates in Fantasy Inmate with the rest of the COs. He starts to date Aleida after meeting her outside of the prison while she was trying to sell Nutriherbal products. He invites her to live with him and his grandma when she gets evicted from her apartment. She leaves after he confronts her when he discovers the drugs that she's been hiding in the Nutriherbal containers she gives him to take to work and smuggling them into Daya. After realizing that he's been stuck in the same place for years, Hopper tells Aleida that they'll smuggle in drugs for three months. They resume their relationship. Hopper becomes paranoid when Piper shows him a packet of drugs and tells him that she'll find out who's bringing it in. To stop her from snooping around, Hopper arranges for her early release.




Memorable Quotes Edit

"Inmates can't organize. And lady inmates? Come on. I give 'em 15, 20 minutes before they're all pulling each other's hair and begging us to come back inside."
— Rick Hopper to Sherriff Fontenot and Felix Rikerson ("Fuck, Marry, Frieda")