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Red's Family is a group of women allied together within Litchfield Penitentiary, headed by Galina "Red" Reznikov.

Red's Family is fragmented in Season 6, with Piper blaming Red for the prison riot (due to erroneously thinking Red’s actions had gotten Alex killed). Red realized that Frieda pinned Piscatella's death on her, and half of the family was split between warring C-Block and D-Block; the rest of her family (Big Boo, Yoga Jones, etc.) were transferred to an Ohio prison.

Active Members[]

  • Galina "Red" Reznikov - Leader.
  • Nicky Nichols - One of Red's closest friends, biggest supporters, and one of her prison 'daughters',
  • Lorna Morello - A current member of the group. Red supported her in-prison social movements because of her great influence.
  • Alex Vause - Red helped her hide Aydin's body, after which the two became closer.
  • Piper Chapman - Initially, they had an extremely bad relationship due to Piper's behavior, but, after becoming cellmates, the two began to care more for each other. When Piper had a swastika branded on her arm by Maria, Red pitied her and helped to transform the swastika into a window, with Norma and Alex.

Unofficial Members[]

Inmates who are not officially part of the 'family', but are frequently seen with them are:

  • The Chicken - The Chicken was once an urban legend amongst the inmates. Red had a dream of the chicken coming to her, already dressed in herbs with a top hat. She’s been dreaming of making Kiev out of her ever since. • Tiffany 'Pennsatucky' Doggett - After holding a vomit bag for Nicky, Doggett is invited to eat lunch with Nicky and the rest of the family, to which there are mixed reactions; people come to the conclusion that Doggett has changed. Doggett and Piper have their first normal conversation after their big fight in "Can't Fix Crazy". Later, Red comes over and does not question it. Eventually, Doggett and Big Boo become best friends and drift-away from the others.
  • Blanca Flores - During the prison riot, Red encounters Flores in the office of Desi Piscatella, and the two bond over their mutual hatred of him. Throughout Season 5, they are seen using drugs and plotting to lure Piscatella to the prison. In "The Reverse Midas Touch," Piscatella kidnaps most of Red's family, including Flores.
  • Gloria Mendoza - Initially, they did not like each other because of a competitive energy among kitchen staff, the "Latinas versus everyone else", and vice versa; Red returned as head of the kitchen, and the two became cordial. Although they kept their own groups, Red and Gloria frequently work together for the common good.
  • Big Boo - She betrayed Red for the benefit of Vee, and was thus expelled from the family. Although relations were cordial until Boo's transfer to Ohio, post-riot, she was never officially part of the family ever again.
  • Alana Dwight - bunkmate of Red.
  • Stephanie Hapakuka - bunkmate of Red, Piper and Dwight

Former Members[]

  • Tricia Miller - One of Red's 'daughters'; was expelled from the group after using drugs and having withdrawals. She died later of an overdose.
  • Mercy Valduto - She was released from prison after serving her sentence.
  • Jimmy Cavanaugh - Member of the Golden Girls; was released from prison on "compassionate release" (in reality, the prison was finding it too difficult to manage her dementia).
  • Taslitz - Member of the Golden Girls; went to Max upon stabbing another inmate, confusing her with Vee.
  • Jane Ingalls - Member of the group; went to the SHU, later compassionately-released as she suffered from pneumonia.
  • Norma Romano (Different facility; separated)
  • Erica Jones (Different facility; separated)
  • Anita DeMarco (Different facility; separated)
  • Gina Murphy (Different facility; separated)
  • Carrie Black (Different facility; separated)
  • Frieda Berlin (Betrayed Red)
  • Irma Lerman (Absent since season three)