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RJ was a character in Orange is the New Black. He was one of Vee's unofficially "adopted" children whom she subsequently employed to sell heroin. RJ was also a brother to Taystee.


Before Vee and Taystee's incarceration[]

RJ was a kid who was taken in by Vee at a young age since his mother was a crack addict and most likely wasn't able to take proper care of him. Vee runs a drug ring and uses her adopted children, including RJ, to sell her heroin. When Taystee finally decides to join Vee, the three of them develop a very close, family-like bond ("Looks Blue, Tastes Red").

RJ later realizes he can make more money if he goes into business for himself. He begins to sell his own product behind Vee's back. Vee is informed by a crooked police officer (whom she employs to protect her business) about RJ's activities. Vee visits RJ and realizes he has been making more money. She confronts him about starting his own business, which he admits to. She seemingly allows him to continue working for himself, saying she must be going soft in her old age, but he was always her favourite. Vee then seduces RJ, and the two have sex.

Vee sends RJ out to buy some popsicles. Once he's gone, she reaches for her phone. We see the crooked officer confront RJ on his way to the store. He throws a gun at RJ and RJ instinctively catches it. The officer then radios in that he is dealing with an armed and aggressive African-American male and requests back-up. As RJ realizes what is happening, he starts to plead with the officer but is shot dead ("It Was the Change").

Taystee is later seen mourning RJ outside of his funeral. Vee lies to her about RJ's death, saying she warned him to not carry a weapon at night. Vee then promises to always protect Taystee and that she will never let something like that happen again ("Looks Blue, Tastes Red").

Years later. Taystee would put the pieces together of what happened to RJ after seeing Vee for the monster she truly was. Taystee confronted Vee and the latter admits that she was the one who ordered the hit on RJ.



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