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"Everyone I know is poor, in jail, or gone. Don’t nobody ask about how my day went…I know how to play it here. Where to be, and what rules to follow. I got a bed. And I got you."
— Taystee to Poussey in Fool Me Once.

Poustee was the friendship between Tasha Jefferson and Poussey Washington.


Taystee and Poussey are best friends and are both incarcerated at Litchfield

They often are the center of jokes and have lots of fun. One of their jokes is their alter-egos, where they pretend they are rich, white girls with rich, white girl problems - Taystee is "Amanda" and Poussey "Mackenzie". Taystee is released in the episode "Fucksgiving" but is incarcerated once again in the episode "Fool Me Once".

Their relationship is strained when Vee show up in Litchfield. Whilst spooning 
each other, Poussey kisses Taystee. Apparently, she has expressed feelings for Taystee in the past, because Taystee tells Poussey that "We've been through this before." Taystee doesn't have the same romantic feelings and only wants to remain best friends.

Poussey got a bad vibe from Vee upon her arrival at Litchfield. When Vee starts having the black tribe (Black Cindy, Watson, Suzanne (aka Crazy Eyes) and Taystee) sell cigarettes, Poussey is separated from the group because she won't do it.

Vee asks Poussey to join in, and she participates for a while, but quits once she finds out that Vee has graduated from dealing tobacco to heroin. She warns Taystee, but Taystee tells her to stay away from her and Vee.

Taystee seems happy, Poussey is miserable having been abandoned by her friends.

Poussey gets drunk and tries to attack Vee in the bathroom because she is pissed at her for taking her friends, but Crazy Eyes beats her up, with the approval of Vee, leaving her sobbing on the bathroom floor, Black Cindy looking semi-horrified in the background. It is later revealed that Crazy Eyes broke Poussey's ribs in the process.