PolyCon (formerly Management & Correction Corporation, MCC) is the private company that took over management duties of Litchfield Penitentiary from the Federal Department of Corrections in Season Three.

Changes made at LitchfieldEdit

For the InmatesEdit

  • Some inmates are contracted to perform work for a lingerie company, Whispers, in a warehouse-turned-sewing factory on prison grounds.
  • All food comes pre-prepared in large plastic bags, which are then "cooked" quasi-sous vide-style.
  • Books for the library will be whatever is donated (which means it is unlikely that the inmates will get any legal texts to work on their cases).
  • Programs to assist inmates re-enter society are no longer a priority and most likely are not budgeted for.

For the GuardsEdit

  • Guards are made to re-apply for their jobs, at which time they lost membership in their union.
  • Guard hours are cut.
  • New guards are hired, but are not required to have, nor do they receive, sufficient training.
  • When the experienced guards stage a mass walkout, MCC hires veterans to replace them as this brings with it a tax break incentive for the company.
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