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Polly Harper, portrayed by Maria Dizzia, was Piper Chapman's best friend in Seasons One and Two. Formerly married to Pete Harper, she is currently in a relationship with Piper's ex-fiancé, Larry Bloom


Polly is generally the more sensible, grounded one in her and Piper's friendship. She is generally kind and supportive, but is not averse to putting her own needs first, as shown when she made the decision to start a relationship with Larry.

Physical Appearance

Polly is Caucasian with long brown hair and an average build. She is shorter than Piper.


Season 1

Polly is Piper's best friend from college. They started a soap-making company called PoPi together, which was in Barney's. PoPi ultimately collapsed, due to Piper's incarceration and Polly's pregnancy. She gives birth to her and Pete's son, Finn, in the episode "Moscow Mule".

Season 2

Larry starts hanging out with her and helping her out with Finn while Pete is in Alaska. Larry and Polly end up having sex and decide to pursue a relationship together after Piper and Larry end their relationship and Polly and Pete end theirs.

Polly and Piper argue about this and shortly after end their friendship. Polly agrees to do one last thing for Piper, she call Alex's probation officer and report her for parole violation.