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"Piece of Shit" is the sixth episode of the fourth season of Orange Is the New Black. It is the forty-fifth episode of the series overall. It premiered on June 17, 2016. It was written by Lauren Morelli and directed by Uta Briesewitz.


Piper's plan to edge out the competition could backfire badly. Cindy finds a way to make Taystee's job pay off. Luschek gets some interesting mail.

Plot []


Joel Luschek is preparing to start work for the day - by getting drunk. He tells his friend Randy that you should start your first day at a job high so they assume that's how you really are. Inside the prison, he meets correctional officer Baxter Bayley, who tells him he's getting tons of mail. It turns out to be aggressive anonymous letters, including one that calls him a piece of shit. 

Nicky Nichols attends an AA session for inmates overcoming addiction, and is awarded a celebratory chip for staying sober for three years. Unfortunately, it is immediately confiscated for being contraband. She is seen working as a cleaning lady in the SHU. As she makes her way down past the cells, she encounters Sophia Burset, who asks her for a blanket. Nicky feels bad, as all she can offer her is a Newsweek magazine. Later, Nicky is ordered to clean a SHU cell, only to find that the cell in question is Sophia’s — and the walls are covered in blood, with the magazine ripped to pieces on the floor. Sophia is nowhere to be found. 

Piper Chapman is running on the yard's track when one of her new followers, Sankey, tries to catch up. She excuses herself and goes to Alex Vause who is sitting alone. Piper tries to reconnect with her but Alex is angry at the way Piper treated her when she was paranoid about someone coming to the prison to kill her. Alex nearly reveals what happened with Aydin but stops herself and walks away. 

Maria Ruiz and her girls are celebrating their first successful business transaction when Piper's neighborhood watch girls tell them to stop congregating in more than groups of four. One calls a Hispanic woman "dirt taco" which raises tension, so a guard comes over and gives the Hispanic girls some shots. Later at a team meeting, Piper's girls explain how effective they've been at dispersing "gangs", in the most racist fashion possible. Piper is mortified. One of the girls mentions that they've caught onto Maria's panty selling business and this scares Piper, thinking her own might be discovered. After a strip search, Carrie 'Big Boo' Black expresses fear that they will be found out, because if Maria's group is approached, they will be able to dob Piper in, instead. Boo pushes her to make a move. 

At home, Joe Caputo is excited by Kip Carnigan's book on being a prison warden but Linda Ferguson isn't sharing his excitement. While Caputo is full of ideas, she just wants him to cook breakfast. He proposes the inmates be given classes in key life skills - taught by the guards to cut costs. She says she'll pitch the idea to MCC

At the guard housing, Luschek and Coates are hanging out playing video games. Luschek has his inmates from electrical working on installing cable and Gina cuts her hand badly. She needs to go to medical but Luschek wants to finish his game first. Gina calls him a piece of shit and Coates lashes out at Luschek about his attitude, saying that it’s his job to take care of the inmates and help them when they’re in need. He kicks Luschek out of his house but then realises he has to drive Luschek and Gina to medical.  

Sam Healy and Lolly Whitehill are strolling around the yard, relating about how it feels to live with mental illness. Lolly asks how Healy's mother is, he lies and says she's fine.  

Luschek opens up to Judy King that he’s the reason Nicky in maximum security. Judy convinces him he should apologize to her — a decision made while the two of them shared a thermos of butterscotch liqueur — but Nicky freaks out at him. While in max, Nicky briefly chats to Stella Carlin, revealing they hooked up. One of the female guards slips Stella some drugs, which angers Nicky. Judy later reveals that she got her lawyers to release Nicky from Max, but Luscheck has to sleep with her in return. He hesitates but she blackmails him. Elsewhere, Nicky has relapsed due to her anger at Luscheck and exchanges sex with the corrupt female guard for heroin.

Cindy Hayes and Alison Abdullah finally get over their bad blood by bonding over their hatred for Scientology, and can now work together using Alison's phone to sell pictures of Judy King. Brook tells Poussey she loves her, a sentiment that is returned. Maria is reprimanded by the guards for her secret business. She gets 3-5 years added onto her sentence, because Piper planted dirty panties in her bunk. Maria threatens Piper, saying "I am going to bury you, you're never coming back from this". Piper is visibly shaken but maintains she did the right thing by her people.

Memorable Quotes[]

"You are a straight, white man. You don't get to be the victim, sweetie."
Judy King to Joel Luschek
"Uh... pizza, daisies, smelly markers, any animal, a really good dream, a warm bath, picking a booger (a dry one), pizza, graham crackers and icing sandwiches, the feeling you get when you make a really good joke and someone laughs - in a nice way not a mean way..."
Suzanne Warren to Tasha Jefferson after being asked "what's better than being famous?"




Main Cast[]

Guest Starring[]



  • Sharon Van Etten - You Know Me Well (TBA)



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