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Pete Harper, portayed by Nick Stevenson, is the soon-to-be ex-husband of Polly Harper. Polly has now began a relationship with Piper Chapman's ex-fiance, Larry Bloom.


Season One[]

Pete had a child with Polly before she decided to get a divorce. He seems to be quite immature and unable to handle the idea of having a child, as evidenced by his deciding to go to Alaska for a month soon after Finn's birth, leaving Polly alone to cope with a newborn.

Season Two[]

This leads to Larry becoming closer to Polly in Pete's absence, which results in their developing of feelings for each other, an attraction that ultimately becomes physical. When they confessed to having fallen for each other, Pete punched Larry in the face. Polly seems unconcerned and says that it was just to affirm his "manhood" and that he is probably elated that he has been 'let off the hook'.

Memorable Quotes[]

"Shit. You're still a lesbian."
— Pete to Piper in a flashback
"I'm not an alcoholic. I'm Australian."
— Pete
"You cuckolded me?"
— Pete