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Pavla is Sam Healy's mother in law who does not like him being married to her daughter, Katya. She is portrayed by Laryssa Lauret


Pavla has sharp wit, but also a sharp tongue. She is shown to be duplicitous and nasty towards Sam Healy, and friendly with her daughter.

Physical Appearance[]

Pavla has grey hair which is tied in a pony tail and strong cheeks.


Season One[]

Pavla arrives in Sam Healy's house after he takes Katya as his mail-order bride.

Pavla and her daughter are seen talking about pole dancing in Russian in front of Sam Healy. Pavla tells Katya she can wait until she dies until she starts stripping, which Katya tells her mother that stripping and pole dancing are different things. Sam asks Katya and Pavla to speak English at the table. Still in Russian, Pavla tells Katya it is two more years worth of marriage for a green card. Katya tells Pavla that at least she doesn't have to have sex with Sam, causing her to laugh, and say that a "decent" man wants to have sex with her, and that all Katya got was Sam. Pavla laughs to herself and agrees to speak English. Katya continues to speak Russian, causing Pavla to tell Katya to speak English.


  • It is unlikely Pavla will return as her actress, Laryssa Lauret, died in 2015, however, Healy does mention Pavla is still alive in season four.