Oren was a former date of Brook Soso. He appeared in Brook's flashback episode "(Don't) Say Anything" and was portrayed by Anthony Sagaria.

Physical Appearance Edit

Oren had fair hair swept to the side. He had green hair and wore the political protest t-shirt.

Biography Edit

Before Brook's incarceration Edit

Oren listens to Ethan and Brook's argument over their break-up. Ethan then tells Oren that the two broke up because Brook liked Oren. When Ethan says that he will pay Brook $50 for Brook to get Joshua Nicholson's signature, he agrees the make Oren go on a date with her, too, despite Oren protesting to this.

After Brook gets Joshua's signature, Oren is impressed then agrees to go on a date with Brook. ("(Don't) Say Anything")

Relationships Edit

Romantic Edit

  • Brook Soso (date) - Oren and Brook go on a date after a bet is made to see if Brook can get an alleged paedophile's signature on her petition. Brook succeeds and the two go on a date. It is unknown if they went on another.

Friends Edit

  • Ethan (friend) - Oren and Ethan are shown to be friends. Ethan sets Brook and Oren up on a date.

Appearances Edit

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