This is the official Orange is the New Black Category Policy page. This policy is to show what categories should be added to each page. Categories help group together pages with similar subjects.

Please do not create any new categories. If you have any ideas (objections or suggestions) please discuss in a blog post, or contact one of the admins.

This page has been adapted from the Vampire Diaries Wikia.


Episodes Categories

On episode pages (ex: I Wasn't Ready) use ONLY these kinds of categories.

Season Categories

On season pages (ex: Season One) Use ONLY these kinds of categories.

Character Categories

On character pages (ex: Alex Vause) Use ONLY these kinds of categories.

Please note: This wiki does NOT use the categories "Main Characters", "Minor Characters" or similar. This is due to the transient nature of most characters within OITNB; a character that is featured heavily for a while can stop being so and vice-versa.

Cast Categories

On cast pages (ex: Matt McGorry) Use ONLY these kinds of categories.

Crew Categories

On crew pages (ex: Jenji Kohan) Use ONLY these kinds of categories.

Other Categories

Pages that you are unsure of, ask an admin or put it under the category "Other".

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