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Nischek is the pairing between Nicky Nichols and Joel Luschek.

Nicky and officer Luscheck are seen sharing an unusual staff-inmate relationship. In one episode, Nicky and Luscheck are seen sitting outside, Nicky smoking a cigarette she got from Vee and her crew. Luscheck doesn't confiscate this cigarette, he just sits and talks to her. Later on in Season Three, Nicky asks Luscheck to help her sell some heroin. Luscheck scares Nicky by threatening to take her to Caputo and expose her, but then laughs and reveals it was a joke, and of course he will help sell the heroin.

Near the end of Season Three, the meth-heads tip off a CO that someone in electrical has heroin. Caputo searches and finds a single baggie of heroin under Luscheck's desk taped there by Nicky. He throws his heroin-dealing partner under the bus and lands her in Max after labelling her as the untrustworthy "junkie".

In Season Four, after discovering a large pile of letters from Nicky in his pigeon hole lambasting him, Luscheck confesses to Judy King that he feels bad even though he "normally does not give a shit" ("Piece of Shit").