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Netflix is the an American media services provider and production company with its headquarters in California. It is the provider for Orange Is the New Black.


It was established in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. It was launched in 1998 as the first online DVD rental store. They experimented with a subscription service for DVD renting, with unlimited rentals and no due dates.

They were doing successfully, until 9/11, which saw them have to lay off 40 of their 120 employees. DVD players became cheaper and they saw more subscriptions once again.

They started looking into on-demand streaming after noticing youtube's success. By April 2014, they had 50 million international subscribers. In 2016, they announced an expansion to over 150 countries. They also announced that were blocking VPNs.

Netflix competes with Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and several others.

Netflix and Orange Is the New Black[]

Orange is the New Black was the third ever Netflix Original series, after only House of Cards and Hemlock Grove.[1] It's also the longest lasting (so far), lasting seven seasons (2013-2019). Orange is the new Black was the first Netflix Original series to have a triple renewal. Jenji Kohan thanked Netflix, Lionsgate, the crew and cast heavily for this

Watch Orange Is the New Black[]

To watch the series via Netflix, click here: Is The New Black