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Natoli is a soldier of the shock troops that invaded the Litchfield Penitentiary at the end of Season Five. He is responsible for the death of Piscatella. He is portrayed by Josh Green.


Natoli is shown to be very inexperienced and acts first before thinking about his actions.


Season Five[]

He is seen during the attempt to shut down the riot, accompanied by his fellow SWAT team. Alana Dwight stands up to him and he does not take it well and aims his gun at her. After being told off by Herrmann for this, as even though they are armed with pepper bullets, it is still possible to kill someone at close range. Herrmann advises Natoli that if he wants to hurt the inmates, to taser or mace them. Dwight thanks him for not shooting her and he punches her on the side of her face knocking her down.

When the body of Humphrey is found in the janitors' closet, Herrmann orders his troops to secure the prison by any means necessary. Natoli enthusiastically asks if that means they can use the pepper bullets now, and Herrmann tells him to shut up.

Later on, whilst advancing on the swimming pool, he accidentally fatally shoots Piscatella, who was emerging from the doorway. In a juxtaposition to Bayley when he inadvertently murdered Poussey Washington in Season Four, the young, inexperienced soldier's eyes fill with tears as, terrified, he states that he was aiming at the roof but that Piscatella was too tall. ("Storm-y Weather")