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Here you can find every song used in every episode.

Note: Italics indicates end credit song.

Season One Regina Spektor Staple Sisters Nada Surf
I Wasn't Ready You've Got Time (Credit Song) I'll Take You There What Is Your Secret?
Benny Latimore Gwendolyn Stanford Katie Cruel
Let's Move And Groove Together Larry's Proposal This Is Not A Love Song
Jill Barber
Tit Punch Sara Jackson-Holman Betty Davis Nada Surf
For Albert Walking Up The Road Always Love
Luis Haseth Gwendolyn Stanford Gwendolyn Stanford
La Chola Civilizada I Don't Need Your Cornbread Crazy Peppers
Gwendolyn Stanford Gwendolyn Stanford Captain Planet
Tables And Clicks Waffles And Eggs Get You Some
Lesbian Request Denied Tune Yards The Stereotypes The Five Stairsteps
Gangsta Women In Magazines O-O-H Child
Gwendolyn Standord Gwendolyn Stanford Gwendolyn Stanford
Crazy Peppers Bra And Panties Don't Make Me Cut You
I Don't Give A Fuck
Imaginary Enemies Dennis Coffey Gwendolyn Stanford Quartetto Pressenda
Live Wire Screwed String Quartet No.13
Saviors Edvard Creig Shawn Lee
We Roam In The Hall Of The Mountain King Love Like This
Princess Superstar Gwendolyn Stanford
Love Light Bliss Fly On Little Wing
The Chickening The Velvet Underground Gwendolyn Stanford Nancy Cassidy
Sunday Morning Magical Mystery Chicken Child Chicken
WAC Pack IVY Gwendolyn Stanford Gwendolyn Stanford
Disappointed Toilet To Myself The Mother I Wanted
Gwendolyn Stanford Little Foot Long Foot
Everybody Loves Dayanara Kickface
Blood Donut ACEYALONE & RJD2 Drew Isleib Afromode
Cornbread, Eddie & Me Coast Is Clear Way To Walk
Gwendolyn Stanford Gwendolyn Stanford
Everybody Loves Dayanara Enter The Healy
Moscow Mule OBN IIIS Jack Ovlivian Fitnessglo
No Enemies Jealous Heart Southern Moon
Chaptabois Gwendolyn Stanford Gwendolyn Stanford
Winner Alex In The Dryer Two Strikes
Whispering Jack Smith
Baby Face
Fucksgiving The Helio Sequence Kelis Pantera
The Measure Milkshake Proud To Be Loud
Love As Laughter Leagues
Stakes Avenue Walking Backwards
Bora Bora Bora Jem Ace Reporter Show Composers
Keep On Walking Untouched And Arrived Unreleased
Gwendolyn Stanford
Red Sees Red
Tall Men With Feelings Gwendolyn Stanford Gwendolyn Stanford Explosions In The Sky
Everybody Loves Dayanara Crazy Peppers Your Hand In Mine
Jim Maze The Duchess & The Duke
Looking For You Living This Life Makes It Hard
Fool Me Once Jem Chuck Prophet Gwendolyn Stanford
Keep On Walking Sonny Liston's Blues Score One For Pennsatucky
Inbred Evil
Can't Fix Crazy RUN DMC Brian Affoller
Christmas In The Hollis O Come All Ye Faithful