Mrs. Washington was the deceased mother of Poussey Washington, portrayed by Dionne Audain. She passed away whilst Poussey was incarcerated (between 2011 and 2013), and, due to a failed furlough application, Poussey was never able to say goodbye in person.

Personality Edit

Mrs. Washington was a very educated woman and has a masters degree in art history. She was polite and well spoken.

Physical Appearance Edit

Mrs. Washington was a very pretty woman. She had black hair and was dark skinned.

Biography Edit

Before Poussey's incarceration Edit

At some point in her life, Mrs. Washington attended college and gained a masters degree in art history.

Mrs. Washington was seen once in a flashback, and it was shown that her and Poussey had a very loving, close relationship. This was confirmed by Poussey who said that she loved her mother, and was seen grieving her during Mother's Day at the prison ("Mother's Day").

8 months before the episode of "Fool Me Once", Mrs. Washington passed away without her daughter being able to say goodbye to her.

Trivia Edit

  • It's mentioned in "(Don't) Say Anything" that she has a Masters degree in Art History.
  • Samira Wiley had initially planned Poussey's backstory to contain a very close relationship with her mother, until mid-filming she realised the character was to be killed off.

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