Mrs. Taylor is a civilian of the Amish community. She is portrayed by Kelly McAndrew.

Physical Appearance Edit

Mrs. Taylor is never seen without her bonnet. She has dirty blonde hair and blue eyes and thin lips. Her nostrils are wide spread.

Personality Edit

Mrs. Taylor seemed to have a very caring attitude towards her daughter, Leanne. Mrs. Taylor, like most traditional Amish citizens would enforce strict labour upon her children.

Biography Edit

Before Leanne's Incarceration Edit

She was seen at home during Leanne's Rumspringa in 2004.

Leanne returned to her community after becoming disallusioned with her Rumspringa. However, she has been dealing drugs and her backpack was found. The police made a deal with her; go to prison, or frame her friends in exchange for immunity. She chose the latter, which resulted in her alienation within the community and financial consequences for her family. When she overheard her parents arguing about what to do with Leanne because of her behavior and their situation, she ran away to spare them shame and eventually ended up in Litchfield. It is unknown whether she was visited during all this time. ("Where My Dreidel At")

Season Five Edit

Somehow, Mrs. Taylor heard about the tumult at Litchfield and went to the prison to hear news of her daughter. She ended up next to Diablo among the crowd and was cordial until she saw a tattoo on his arm which he revealed that it was from the Satanist church. ("The Tightening)

At the end of the riot, she saw a fire started by her own daughter, who was finally captured by the squad and taken out of prison.

Leanne screamed her mother's name when she saw her and was thrilled to know she would care if she died. ("Storm-y Weather")

Memorable Quotes Edit

"Time will heal the wound. We have to be patient and forbearing."
— Mrs. Taylor to Mr. Taylor

Appearances Edit

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