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Monica Hayes is the biological daughter of Cindy Hayes, but was raised as her sister. She is portrayed by Donshea Hopkins.


Before Cindy's incarceration[]

Monica was conceived in her mother's high school boys locker room. When she was born, Cindy ignored responsibility. ("Shitstorm Coming")

Monica first appeared in Cindy's flashback episode, "Comic Sans". Monica lives with Cindy's mother, Lillian, and believes that Lillian is her mother and Cindy is her sister.

Cindy behaves very irresponsibly with Monica when Monica is in her care, such as taking her out for her birthday and leaving her sitting in the car for hours until Cindy eventually takes Monica inside whilst they all get high.

At the end of Comic Sans, Cindy threatens to take Monica away from Lillian until Lillian points out that there is no way Cindy is responsible enough to provide for Monica properly. At the end of the episode, Cindy is asked in passing by a stranger if she has children, and she replies, "nope". ("Comic Sans")

Season Five[]

In Season Five, Monica is seen expressing concern for Cindy, and wondering how Lillian could not be worried, since there is an ongoing prison riot. Lillian lies and tells her that Cindy had been transfered to another prison before the riot started, but Monica knows this to be untrue, because she found the Black Lattes Matter meme online, with Cindy in it. The two fight and Monica ends up saying she wished Lillian wasn't her mother, Lillian responded by saying sometimes she wished the same. ("Breaking the Fiberboard Ceiling")

Season Seven[]

In Season Seven, Monica is seen on a call with her mother Cindy discussing how she's been. Monica is still unaware that Cindy is her mother and talks to her as if she's one of her friends. Cindy tries to tell her, but Lillian Hayes takes the phone. Cindy announces to her mother that she will be coming home soon. Later on, Monica and her grandmother are seen holding balloons and a "Hey Girl!" Sign.

In episode 9, Monica finds out that she's Cindy's daughter via Taystee's letter and she lashes out at both her mother and grandmother. Later on in that episode, she went to spend the night at a friend's house. On that night, Cindy decides to leave her home, thinking all she ever does is make things worse, but her mother tells her to stay and make things right with Monica. However, Cindy refused, so her mother told her to never come back to their home.

On the final episode of the series, Cindy asks her mother and daughter to meet at a fast food restaurant. Monica asks why did she come and Cindy answers that she made her and she's going to be a good person and mother by agreeing to meet at the same restaurant every Sunday at eleven o'clock so they can talk. Cindy's mother shows doubt that that'll happen because it would take a long time for her and Monica to forgive Cindy for what she did. Cindy decides to start telling Monica about Curtis, her father. Monica shows interest and she faintly smiles when she hears Cindy say that she chose Monica after Curtis abandoned them.



  • Cindy Hayes (biological mother, raised as her sister) - Cindy is pressumed to have had Monica when she was young, as Monica was raised to believe Cindy was her older sister. .
  • Lillian Hayes (adoptive mother/biological grandmother) - Cindy's mother, who raised Monica as her youngest daughter, rather than her granddaughter.


  • Monica's friends assumed she was named Monica after Monica Geller from the sitcom Friends, but Cindy actually revealed she was named after Monica Wright from Love & Basketball.