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Miguel Rosado was an inmate in the male prison that Desi Piscatella previously worked for. He is portrayed by Marcos Palma.


Before Piscatella's employment[]

Rosado worked in the kitchen of the prison, and along with other inmates, was prejudiced against Piscatella for his suspected homosexuality.

One day in the kitchen, Piscatella ordered Rosado and other inmates to leave the kitchen briefly in order for him to orchestrate an encounter with Wes Driscoll, a prisoner with whom he was in a relationship with. A short time later, Rosado returned to the kitchen with some supplies and witnessed Driscoll and Piscatella sharing an intimate moment.

At some point later, Rosado and the other inmates of the kitchen attacked and raped Driscoll as a result of the incident. Piscatella, upon hearing Rosado threatening Driscoll, ran to the cell and found Driscoll on the floor severely beaten and bleeding. He threw Rosado against the wall and swore he'd destroy him.

Some time later, Piscatella handcuffed Rosado naked in a shower stall whilst Rosado yelled gay slurs at him. He then turned the hot water on in the shower to maximum. Piscatella remained standing coldly at the entrance of the bathroom with another guard, who said that they turn off the water when they start screaming. Piscatella replied with "I don't hear anything", while Rosado writhed and screamed in agony. He was eventually scalded to death ("The Reverse Midas Touch").

Season Five[]

During the riot, Blanca and Red search Piscatella's office in an attempt to find evidence that incriminates him. The two find a document, which contains information about the accused actions of Piscatella regarding the death of an inmate who got 80% of his body burned, before his transfer to Litchfield ("Litchfield's Got Talent").



  • Wes Driscoll (victim) - After discovering that Driscoll had a relationship with Piscatella, Rosado and other inmates attacked and raped him.
  • Desi Piscatella (killer) - In revenge for the event with Driscoll, Piscatella tied Rosado in a shower stall, burning him to death with hot water.



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