Michelle Goldstein is the Nichols' family lawyer, and representation of Nicky Nichols for season 6. She was portrayed by Michele Hicks.


Michelle Goldstein is a very intelligent woman with a "fantastic vocabulary". She is very good at her job, and shows little emotion throughout her appearances, until she reveals she has had children with Nicky's father.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Michelle has long black hair and grey eyes. She has her ears pierced.


Season SixEdit

Michelle is introduced as Nicky's lawyer. Michelle explains in heavy detail what the details of her case are. Les acts very close with Michelle, which causes Nicky to deduce Les is sleeping with Michelle. Michelle reveals that she has had children with Les, and the two are getting married. An unhappy Nicky tells Michelle there are no hard feelings between the two, and leaves.

Later, when Nicky discovers Piscatella is dead, she speaks to Michelle again, and is interrogated. Michelle helps Nicky along the way until Nicky discovers she may be facing 70 more years for taking over the pharmacy. ("Look Out for Number One")

After this, Les and Michelle request Nicky sign a statement. Nicky refuses, causing Les to become angry, and tell her she has until 5pm to reach a decision or he cannot help her. ("I'm the Talking Ass")