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Michael Burset is the son of Sophia and Crystal Burset.


Before Sophia's Incarceration[]

Michael continually had difficulty accepting Sophia's transitioning, telling her he doesn't need two moms and feeling ashamed of her. As revenge for the embarrassment he felt she had caused him, he informed the police of her credit card fraud, which she had committed to fund her transition ("Lesbian Request Denied").

Season One[]

He never wrote to/visited Sophia before the start of the series, but he signed a christmas card to her at the end of Season One and eventually starts visiting Sophia in prison a few months later with his mother Crystal.

Season Two[]


Season Three[]

As per a new arrangement between Sophia and Gloria Mendoza, Crystal gives Gloria's son Benny a lift with them to Litchfield, and the boys become friends. On one of the visits, he starts cursing just for fun and disobeying his mother at home, which Sophia blames on Benny's influence.

In "Where My Dreidel At", it's said that he spent the night in jail for beating a kid named Laronne with Benny, which Sophia initially blames on Benny, but it's later revealed that Benny ran away once the fight started, an attitude that Michael described as "faggy". The incident sparked bad feeling between Sophia and Gloria, which escalated into violence and resulted in Sophia being the target of transphobic abuse from inmates not involved in the original altercation. Sophia was incarcerated in the SHU for her own protection, although she received no better treatment than inmates incarcerated there for wrongdoing.

Season Four[]

While he does not make an appearance, it is mentioned that he has tried to start a GoFundMe to help bring Sophia out of the SHU.


  • Michael Burset has the same real first name.
  • Michael's actor, Michael Rainey Jr. and Monica, Cindy Hayes' daughter's, actress Donshea Hopkins have both starred as brother and sister in the TV series "Power".