Mia Jefferson is the biological mother of Tasha "Taystee" Jefferson. She appears in a flashback in Season Five. She was portrayed by Tiffany Mann.

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Mia, like her daughter, has dark curly hair which she has placed in a small bob/afro style. She has her ears pierced and is also a rather plump woman.

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Mia appears to be a very emotional woman. She is shown to be accepting and apologetic to Taystee upon their first meeting since her birth. However, when Mia arrives to pick Taystee up when claiming she could live with her, Mia backtracks on her word and says that it "isn't a good time" for Taystee to live with the Jefferson's.

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Before Taystee's incarceration Edit

When Taystee was given information of her birth mother on her eighteenth birthday, she arranged a meeting between them both in a park. Her mother, Mia, told her that the reason for placing her in foster care was that she was pregnant with her when she was 15 years old, and knew nothing about raising a child. It is also revealed that Mia's second family did not know about Taystee. Mia told Taystee that they will know soon and that she wants to make amends.

Taystee was due to move out of her foster home between her eighteenth and nineteenth birthday. She revealed that she was to be moving in with Mia to her foster-siblings. As Taystee joyously approached Mia with all of her belongings packed later that day, Mia instead gave Taystee some money and told her it was not a good time to introduce her to the new family. Distraught, Taystee attacked Mia before storming off.

It is not known whether mother and daughter ever spoke again, but it can be assumed that they did not due to Taystee's heartbreak and her subsequent informal adoption by Vee. ("Flaming Hot Cheetos, Literally")

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