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  • Hello, I think the family section on the infoboxes is very unstructured and unclear and I would suggest adding a complete new group called "Family information" and sectioning it into "Martial", "parents", "siblings", "children", "others" what do you think? 

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    • Hi! What do you think's unclear, exactly? I can see that in characters such as Daya, a large family is listed but the relationships are in brackets, or they should be. Do you mean Marital? I'd suggest "Relationships" might be a better word as many characters are in relationships but not married?

      It's not a bad idea but given there's a sub-heading dedicated towards relationships anyway I'm not sure whether it's necessary?

      If you want to start a discussion or blog post about it so people can weigh in, that's absolutely fine and we can go with consensus :)

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    • I mean as in how the Grey's Anatomy wiki and so many others do it. I will attach an image to showcase why I think it looks clearer :)

      I just think it's more obvious where which character goes and has some order to it? I don't know maybe it's just me but some characters have their relatives listed like "parent, spouse, child, sibling, grandparent" and others "grandparent, child, spouse, parent" I just feel like it is a bit "chaotic"? And adding more sections would give it a clear outline.
      Infobox change
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    • Sorry for the delayed reply. If you want to sandbox something up go for it, we can take a look at it together and then promote it to the template! I'm all for organisation :D

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  • Someone added the category "villain" which I don't think seems like a bad idea, and have added it to a few, but I feel like we should have some kind of criteria for it, or a list, here's who I think passes.

    Carol and Barb



    Red??? Piper???





    Miss Claudette???

    Mate this list is actually quite difficult tbf

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    • Haha! It is difficult as it changes so much... like Penn is the primary antagonist for Season One but couldn't be considered an antagonist for the others. With characters like Vee, Carol, Barb and I'd say Piscatella, it's really clear cut but for others it'd be contentious and I can see a lot of scope for editing wars.

      I suppose we could potentially have something like "primary antagonist" if you think it's necessary? But we'd have to write it into the category policy and it'd be tricky to get it right. I wish there was a way to limit category editing to admin/established users.

      Btw I know I'm not around much atm so if there's anyone you spot who you think'd make a good mod or admin at any point let me know, I trust your judgement!

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    • Aye alright will do! 

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  • Hello, I was wondering if the "new image gallery" extension is turned on for this wiki? I was just curious because the gallery I'm attempting to make on my page isn't working. Thanks.

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  • So I've thought of something that might make some of the organisation pages like MCC or Litchfield look a little neater, a table. It would look a lil like this

    Personnel Position Status
    Natalie Figueroa Interim warden Employed
    Joe Caputo Transferred
    Tasha Jefferson Assistant to the warden Quit
    Desi Piscatella Captain of the guards Deceased
    Wade Donaldson Quit
    Baxter Bayley Correctional officer Fired
    Erin Sikowitz Unknown
    John Bennett Quit
    George Mendez Fired
    Thomas Humphrey Deceased
    Artesian McCullough Employed
    Charlie Coates Quit
    Susan Fischer Fired
    B. Stratman Quit
    Aydin Bayat Deceased
    Ryder Blake Employed
    Lee Dixon Employed
    Tamika Ward Employed
    Virginia Copeland Employed
    CO Hellman Employed
    Wanda Bell Quit
    Scott O'Neill Quit
    Elique Maxwell Quit
    Charles Ford Quit
    Kowalski Quit
    J. Thompson Unknown
    B. Moskovitz Unknown
    Felix Rikerson Unknown
    Francine Dennis Unknown
    Chaplain Royce Chaplain Unknown
    Sam Healy Counsellor/correctional officer Quit
    Berdie Rogers Fired
    Rick Hopper Captain of Maximum Security Employed
    Adarsh Khanna Nurse Unknown
    Leon McDonald Construction worker Quit
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  • WARNING DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT FINISHED SEASON 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Okay so a while ago I discussed updating inmate navbox to exist with MAX now, it's a bit bulkier now, what do you think of it?

    Inmate Navigation
    Maximum Security Alex Vause  •  Galina Reznikov  •  Lorna Morello  •  Nicky Nichols  •  Tiffany Doggett  •  Frieda Berlin  •  Irene Cabrera  •  Cindy Hayes  •  Marisol Gonzales  •  Madison Murphy  • Dayanara Diaz  •  Rosalie Deitland  •  Antoinetta Kerson   •  Annalisa Damiva  •  Raquel Munoz  •  Tina Swope  •  Alana Dwight  •  Nicole Eckelcamp  •  Beth Hoefler  •  Maria Ruiz  •  Suzanne Warren  •  Adeola  •  Gloria Mendoza  •  Domiga Duarte  •  Charlene Teng  •  Lolly Whitehill  •  Shruti Chambal  •  Elsie
    FDC Ohio Carrie Black  •  Carmen Aziza  •  Helen Van Maele
    Metropolitan Detention Center Corrine Hill  •  Joyce  •  Felicia  •  Araceli  •  Darius McRae
    Unknown prison Maritza Ramos  •  Alison Abdullah  •  Janae Watson  •  Michelle Carreras  •  Leanne Taylor  •  Angie Rice  •  Brook Soso  •  Norma Romano  •  Erica Jones  •  Anita DeMarco  •  Gina Murphy  •  Brandy Epps  •  Kasey Sankey  •  Jennifer Digori  •  Stephanie Hapakuka  •  Rhea Boyle  •  Shelly Ginsberg  •  Lea Guerrera  •  Randolita  •  Mei Chang  •  Reema Pell  •  Jeanie Babson  •  Jayne Cooke  •  Gerrman  •  Ramona Contreras
    Last seen in Minimum Security Irma Lerman  •  A-Rod  •  Annie Valdez  •  White Cindy  •  Loretta Fisher  • Voth  •  Jayne Cooke
    Released inmates Piper Chapman  •  Stella Carlin  •  Mercy Valduto  •  Sara Rice  •  Linda Ferguson  •  Aleida Diaz  •  Sophia Burset  •  Jane Ingalls  •  Jimmy Cavanaugh  •  Judy King
    Deceased inmates Poussey Washington  •  Yvonne Parker  •  Tricia Miller  •  Maureen Kukudio  •  Carol Denning  •  Barbara Denning  •  Rosa Cisneros
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  • Hey Ruby_Doomsday! How would you feel about moving the character gallery up to the top of the page? We've learned through click patterns that that's usually where users go first and thought it'd be better if that was the first thing they saw while on the wiki. Also, I wanted to add the Season 6 page to the local nav but, when I do, it kicks off Cast from the drop down. I was wondering if you'd be okay with Cast having its own separate drop-down? Let me know what you think!

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    • I'm not quite sure what you mean? You want it welcome > characters? Can you not just put the welcome template over the character one? :)

      It's Template:Infobox_Character - when you're in visual mode and try to hover/click on it to edit, it just displays a small box with the title and the option to delete, no option to edit? I've tried it in a couple of different browsers, it's strange.

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    • I wasn't sure if that'd be okay with you but I went ahead and did that. Let me know if it looks okay. :)

      Huh. That's weird. Let me look into it and I'll get back to you.

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  • So it's kinda been a niggle with me that obviously characters like Piper, Poussey, Aleida, Red, Daya and that all have their official photos where it's in front of a grey/black background.

    Now, these are fine, but I think we should have character photos of the most recent appearance, for example, Red obviously isn't going to look the way she does anymore, that should be updated.

    I think we should replace all of the official headshot photos and replace them with actual photos from the show, what do you think?

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    • Sorry, I forgot to reply to this! *is crap*

      Yeah, I have no issue with this as long as the photos are high quality. I tend to edit them a bit just so the lighting/colour balance is optimal before I upload them!

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    • Cool beans!

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    • I'll do this post season 6 as I'm sure someone's gonna get a bruise or something so would be pointless changing it before

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  • Heya! I gotta couple o' queries.

    1. So we know Litchfield is gone and forgotten, so what are we planning on doing for the navbox? I had an idea where we either do seperate ones for the seperate prisons or we do one whole one and have it split in half seperated by prison?

    2. I've noticed Fandom are doing videos for some major characters, I was wondering where it was they came from? And how do we add them as there are no sources for them in the code.


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    • Hey! Nice to hear from you.

      Regarding the videos, I don't think there's a lot we can do with them or about them. There's an article here that discusses their purpose. I personally hate autoplay vids and much prefer reading text-based info, but I don't think we get any input :/ If you find anything useful, do let me know!

      With the infoboxes: I historically stay away from new season spoilers so you probably know more than I do :) but yeah, if the split buses/prisons thing is the main theme of S6 then the infoboxes/navboxes will need a revisit. My instinct is to wait until it's out to make any major changes so we know how much focus to give them and what can be gotten rid of, what do you think?

      Hope you're well!

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    • Oh god I'm so sorry! I thought everyone knew! But yeah I agree I'll wait until I finish the episodes and probably a bit later after that I'll probably think of something for the navboxes!

      Thanks! :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi, I cannot add the teaser to the season 6 page because the "add video" button does not work.

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    • Hi! It's working for me at first glance - do you mean literally you can't click on it, or something else? I'm not sure there's anything I can do personally, but if it's reproduceable we can always flag it at Community Central.

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    • It worked. For whatever reason it took suuuuper long to load onto the page, without actually symbolising that it was loading. But thanks anyway!

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  • Hello, I'll try to explain this the best that I can. Basically I'm not sure how to insert a link, for instance if I wanted to say "in the sixth season" and link "sixth season" to [Season Six] without creating a new page, how would I do that? Same with putting "6" instead of physically having to put [Season 6].

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    • Never mind, I just figured out that I have to highlight the word and change it to an existing link.

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    • Hello! I'm sorry for my delayed reply! I've not been too well. Glad you figured it out! So, you can do it as you type too - by inserting [[Season Six]]. When you're using the link button, you don't have to insert the entire URL if it's an OITNB wiki page, you can just start to type the page you want to link to and it should bring it up for you to select. Hope that makes sense! Any other questions, please do ask away.

      Ruby x

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