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"Me as Well" is the seventh episode of the seventh season of Orange Is the New Black. It is the eighty-fifth episode of the series overall. It premiered on July 26, 2019.


Piper plays the field. Caputo tries to get ahead of a scandal. Daya sends Taystee on a mission. Nicky finds romance.



Piper has finally found an outlet for her pent-up sexual frustration - a vibrator. But she's using it so frequently and so loudly that Neri and Cal tell her she needs to find something else to do. They suggest she find another partner - either a man or woman. She tries both but finds neither satifying.

Meanwhile Alex and McCullough start having an affair after they've been undressing together in the small utility closet together every day.

Nicky and Shani continue to pursue their relationship.

Taystee has gotten a hold of Suzanne's "non-fiction" work about what really happened the night Piscatella died. Although Suzanne wrote it intending to make Taystee feel better, she actually feels worse because she realizes there's nothing she can do; she was convicted of Piscatella's murder despite the fact that people know the truth. She puts the notebook in the trash. She continues with her plan of trying to get Ward's key for Daya so Daya can get her phone. However Ward is there and confronts her about the notebook which she found in the trash. She is upset that Taystee is not trying to fight the charges based on the new evidence. Ward is able to convince Taystee to try to fight based on the new evidence in the notebook.

Meanwhile, things are not going well at the detention center. Blanca is supposed to see her lawyer but finds out that the lawyer is being kept away by ICE. Gloria encourages Blanca to work with Karla, since she knows so much about what to do but when Blanca tries they get into an argument and the ICE agent unplugs the computers. Later Blanca is able to figure out the best trick to use to get the computers back - she pretends to speak little English and acts like she has never seen a computer before and that she is very excited about it. The ICE agent plugs the computers back in.

Tiffany is doing great in the GED class and is an eager student. However she is upset to find out that they class will be taking a practice test soon, something she has never excelled at. She attempts to cheat off of Zirconia on the practice test but screws that up as well, for example mis-spelling Texas as Taxes. Fantauzzo talks to her after class telling her that she is not stupid like she immediately assumes, she probably has a learning disability and that there are ways to help her in the GED class. She agrees to continue with special tutoring.

Caputo is spiraling about Fischer's accusations (although she didn't specifically name him). Fig tells Caputo that since he isn't named, he should just let it blow over. Caputo meets with Healy who is now working at his beloved smoothie shop. Healy's advice is essentially that he should listen to women. So Caputo goes to Fischer's house (obviously uninvited and clearly not welcome) and "tries" to apologize. His apology is terrible and made worse when he pops a stitch and grabs his crotch. After he goes to Fischer's house, she names him publicly.


Tiffany Doggett[]

Tiffany is working at a bar and receives an out-of-the-blue visit from her dad, who she hasn't seen in some time. He asks her to participate in a fishing contest with him. She is hesitant as her dad has a history of letting her down but she finally relents and agrees to go. Tiffany and her dad discuss their respective drug and alcohol use. He states that he is sober, which to him means just beer and marijuana. She says that she "dabbles".

The day of the contest Tiffany and her dad are doing poorly in the contest. He has been drinking and is angry at her, blaming her for their poor performance. When a father-son team comes near them and shows how well they are doing, he lashes out at Tiffany, calling her stupid. He asks her to read a map and claims that she is doing it wrong, throwing the map and her rod into the lake.

At the end of the contest, Tiffany her dad haven't caught many fish and the ones they did catch are small. She cheerfully tells him they might be able to win "smallest fish" which is worth $40. He is still angry with her and drunk. The team from earlier pulls up with their boat, which is called Bass Man. Her dad angrily accuses them of being anti-Catholic as he thinks their boat says Ban Mass (revealing that he, too, probably has dyslexia). He runs over to confront them but slips and falls. He and Tiffany go over to his truck and he pulls out a glass pipe and he and Tiffany both smoke from it.

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"Rise Up" performed by Andra Day.



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