Madison "Badison" Murphy is an inmate at Litchfield Penitentiary Maximum Security and part of C-Block, and the main antagonist of Season Six.

Personality Edit

Madison Murphy is rude, sarcastic and seemingly has a sociopathic nature, willing to do anything to anyone in order to stay ahead. She is sycophantic towards Carol Denning, ingratiating herself as one of C-Block's gang leaders, although Carol is frequently dismissive of and to her.

As a student, she was susceptible to bullying by her classmates, had anger issues and threw frequent tantrums. She is vengeful to those she does not like and believes herself to be more popular in prison than she is; this may be due to her status in school before her arrest. She shows her true personality when having others threaten and do her dirty work in her place. She is shown to be afraid of Carol.

Physical appearanceEdit

Madison is an overweight inmate with short, bleached-blonde hair. She sports the navy scrubs of C-block and is usually seen wearing a headband. When she was younger, she had part of her hair dyed green.


Before Litchfield Edit

Madison is of Irish descent ("Mischief Mischief")

As a teenager, Madison had severe anger issues and was the target of frequent bullying. Her classmates called her "Fartison" because of a flatulence incident in the fourth grade. One day during chemistry class, she was mocked to the point where she threw a beaker at the ground and was expelled as a result, it not being her first outburst.

A teenage Madison in chemistry class.

Her relationship with her parents was also turbulent. They would frequently clash, leading to her breaking windows and injuring her mother.

Because of this, her parents sent her to a therapeutic wilderness program called 'Changing Winds' in an attempt to fix her behavior. Madison says she is called "Badison" in an attempt to make herself seem tough but is quickly picked apart by two girls, Jessie Duray and Laura Patterson. While there, she witnesses another unpopular girl, Roach, be picked on.

During a hike with the camp, Roach asks for some of Madison's water which she reluctantly gives due to the little amount left and the fact it is rationed. The bottle is knocked to the ground by Laura, spilling the rest of the water and amusing Jessie. An angry Madison confronts Laura; Jessie offers Madison her own canteen, which is actually full of sand, causing Madison to get a mouthful. A camp guard calls Madison over and tells her to fix her attitude by not letting them take her down so easily.

In an attempt to seem tough, she and Roach decide to cause mischief at a campsite one night. Madison betrays Roach and attempts to spray her with an aerosol near the campsite, shouting "Hey, everybody, watch me spray a roach!". However, this ignites the fire massively, causing Roach to be set alight. Jessie and Laura look on in amazement, Jessie exclaiming "Badison burnt herself a Roach!" and Madison, previously horrified at her mistake, realises a new way to get the respect she craves ("Changing Winds").

Season Six Edit

Madison first appears in "Look Out For Number One" when she becomes Red's roommate in Ad-Seg. She is returning from medical with a cast on her forearm. She and Red butt heads almost immediately, but she does help her roommate in trying to warn her family of Piscatella's death, although this is out of self-interest in Red "owing" her rather than benevolence. She attempts to get inside Red's head, insisting to Red that Nicky and the rest of her "family" will turn on her to save themselves, and urges her to turn on them before they have the chance.

In "I'm The Talking Ass", Madison is taken to C-Block along with Piper Chapman and Blanca Flores, where it's revealed that she is a member of C-Block leader Carol Denning's inner circle. Madison and Piper are assigned to be roommates, and she presses Piper into revealing she believes her fiancée, Alex, to be dead. Madison tells her she has ten minutes to cry before she needs to start cleaning their bunk.

She reveals to Carol that her longstanding enemy, Frieda, has been moved to B-Block, known as Florida, but neither of them know anyone of use there. She then joins a newly-reunited Piper and Alex at their table and forces another inmate to request a room change, so that Piper and Alex will be next door to each other. Before the episode ends, she has the inmate almost killed for not agreeing to the room change the first time she was asked.

Piper wakes up with cheese stuffed into her nose and ears in "Mischief Mischief", which Madison insists was a "prank." She also tells Piper to fill her commissary as repayment for having Alex moved closer, despite not having been asked to do so. Later, Alex speaks to Madison and asks her to leave Piper alone. 

Alex gives Madison the idea to smuggle contraband through Luschek. This partnership works well but is almost discovered when Madison gets a shiv in the back from Tina Swope after she punches Annalisa. She quickly passes the phone over to a reluctant Alex who hides it in her sling. 

She returns from medical and Alex is angry after Badison gave her $100. She forces Alex to become aquainted with Carol.

When Piper manages to reinstate kickball by blackmailing Luschek, Carol sees it as an ideal opportunity to get close to D-Block. During kickball practice, the girls vote for who their captain is going to be. Badison doesn't take the training seriously and kicks the ball so it gets stuck. They choose Piper over Madison. This angers Madison who begins to mess with Piper again. She finds out that Piper is due for release in a few months and schemes to get Piper's time extended, making her intent clear to Piper. She hides a baggy of drugs in Piper's shoe in the hope that it will be found during a search. When that doesn't work, she asks CO Hellman to write a fake incident report and he agrees to if she arranges him a blowjob from two other inmates. Meanwhile, Alex makes a deal with Carol to protect Piper's date if Alex works for her. Carol tells Madison to lay off Piper, but it's too late because Hellman already wrote the report and gave it to CO Hopper. Luckily for Piper, Hopper rips it up as Piper has flagged to Hopper that she is being targeted with drugs and has promised to try and expose the drug ring in exchange for his protection, inadvertently alerting to Hopper that she is a threat to his ongoing secret drug-smuggling operation with Aleida and Daya.

Madison helps Carol plan for their gang war. Before the kickball game, Madison tells C-block girls what the signal is going to be so that they know when to attack. However, when they get to the field, CO McCullough has them mix up the teams after being warned by Ruiz that there is a threat. Meanwhile, neither Carol nor Barbara show up as they are actually using the gang war as a distraction to get into Florida and attempt to kill Frieda. The girls start to play kickball, but when Madison gives the signal for them to attack, they ignore it, being discouraged by the point of the war and too engaged in the game. Madison is frustrated, but nobody seems to care.



  • Colleen and Kevin Murphy (parents) - Colleen and Kevin Murphy believe they did nothing wrong to Madison growing up, but blame themselves for the way she is now.



Memorable Quotes Edit

"Ideas are like assholes, we all got them and most of them stink."
— Badison to Carol Denning. ("Double Trouble")
"Like Kate Moss said, 'Nothing tastes as good as shitting feels'."
— Badison to Piper Chapman. ("State of the Uterus")




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