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Lucy Diaz is the youngest daughter of Aleida Diaz and sister of Daya, Christina, Eva and Emiliano. Her father is Cesar, Aleida's ex-boyfriend. She is played by Adriana Camposano.

Physical Appearance[]

Lucy Diaz is a young Hispanic girl who has dark hair, bangs and brown eyes.


Lucy is a young, naïve girl who enjoys playing and has a large imagination. She is very fond of her sister, Daynara, and is very attatched to her. As a child, she enjoyed Barbie dolls, but slowly grew out of this.


Before Aleida and Daya's incarceration[]

Lucy is first seen playing with her Barbie doll, and as Dayanara is seeing Aleida and Cesar kissing, she says that she wants oysters. But Daya tells her that she doesn't. During a visit in prison, she tells her mother she made a paper plane, but Aleida doesn't seem interested and rebukes her. After the prison visit, she witnesses Cesar and Daya having sexual relations. Christina then takes her back to her room ("The Chickening")

Season Three[]

Lucy and her siblings arrive at the prison to visit Aleida and Daya. While spending time, Lucy goes missing, causing a lockdown to occur. Aleida runs arround trying to find her daughter and eventually finds her underneath her bunk. Lucy reveals she wants to stay with Dayanara. ("Mother's Day")

On Lucy's birthday, John Bennett gives her a present from Daya. John initially mistakes Eva for Lucy. ("Bed Bugs and Beyond")

Toward the end of the season, Lucy is seen in Cesar's house being whisked away by DEA agents. ("Trust No Bitch")

After this, Lucy was put into care with her siblings.

Season Six[]

Some months after her release, Aleida visits her children in care. Lucy is first to see her, and tells Aleida she wants to go home and live with her. Aleida explains she will eventually get Lucy and her siblings out of care, they just have to wait until Aleida has a job and a home. Emiliano Diaz explains that Lucy only wants to go home as she cannot remember herself what living with Aleida is like. ("State of the Uterus")