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Lourdes is the aunt of Gloria Mendoza. Lourdes also has custody of her two great-nephews, Benjamin and Julio, during Gloria's incarceration. She is portrayed by Olga Merediz.


Lourdes is shown to be very maternal over Gloria and her great-nephews, Julio and Benito. She always wants what is best for her family and will protect them always. She also has a sharp tongue which she showed to Arturo, and can insult those who deserve it well.

Physical Appearance[]

Lourdes has brown curly hair which falls to her shoulders. She has pencilled in eyebrows and a wide face. She dresses in very loose clothing and wears large necklaces.


Before Gloria's Incarceration[]

Lourdes and Gloria have always had a very close relationship. She even showed up to Gloria's ultrasound sessions when the father of Gloria's children was clearly absent ("Trust No Bitch").

Lourdes is first referred to in "Looks Blue, Tastes Red" when Gloria mentions she has an aunt who is a "santera". Gloria says later that Lourdes refers to her magic as "Catholic plus".

Lourdes is then seen practicing her magic on a customer at the convenience store Gloria works at. Later, when Arturo becomes abusive with Gloria, Lourdes steps in and defends her niece. Upon Gloria's arrest for food stamp fraud, Lourdes takes in her great-nephews, Benjamin (Benny) and Julio ("Low Self Esteem City").

Some time after Gloria's arrest, Lourdes moves to Florida with her great-nephews. Years later, in "Mother's Day", Gloria learns that the family will be moving back to New York City, allowing Gloria to visit with them in person.

Season Three[]

Lourdes returns to explain to Gloria how impossible it is to control Benny's behaviour. Gloria tells Benny he is to come and see her every week, but Lourdes jumps in and explains that she does not have the time or money to bring him up. ("Finger in the Dyke")

Season Five[]

Lourdes does not answer her phone after Gloria called her to check on Benny after finding out he was jumped in a fight. Lourdes has a heartfelt conversation with Julio, who confesses to her all the troublesome things he did as a child. Lourdes makes Julio think of all of the brave things he did with Benny. The two embrace each other. Gloria finally contacts Lourdes who reveals that Benny's operation was a success. ("Storm-y Weather")

Memorable Quotes[]

"You stay away from her with your lizard lips."
— Lourdes to Arturo. ("Low Self Esteem City")
"It's hate speech. It's not meant to be accurate. It's meant to be hateful."
— Lourdes to Arturo.