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"Looks Blue, Tastes Red" is the second episode of the second season of Orange Is the New Black. It is the only episode in which Piper Chapman does not appear. It is the fifteenth episode of the series overall. It premiered on June 6, 2014. It was written by Jenji Kohan and directed by Michael Trim.


A mock Job Fair provides Taystee with a chance to show off her business smarts; Red feels isolated from her prison family



Inmates choose their outfits for a mock job fair, under the guidance of Ms. Sackin, the organizer of the fair, who suggests various clothing for the inmates.

Aleida is upset that Daya came to Gloria for help, telling her that "You're not her mother. I'm her mother."

The contestants in the job fair (Sophia, Leanne, Flaca, Lorna, Nicky, Anita, Taystee and Cindy) are judged. Leanne is upset after her outfit is deemed "dated, unfitting and not flattering" because Ms. Sackin had told her to wear it in the first place. Nicky is also dismayed after Ms. Sackin calls her hair "wild and slovenly". In the end, Flaca is chosen to have the strongest outfit.

Red visits the commissary, only to find that there is no money in her account, much to her confusion.

The furnace system is failing in the prison and in Caputo's office. Fig had instructed Luscheck to buy a space heater for her office, and Luscheck brags that he got to keep $23 in change out of the $50 Fig had given him. Caputo is annoyed and gives Luscheck another $4 to add to his $23 to buy another space heater for Caputo's office.

Red is seen for the first time in the cafeteria after losing the kitchen, to the surprise of the Maria, Maritza and Daya. She sits alone at a table with a drugged out Blanca. The Golden Girls sit at the adjacent table. Frieda asks Red to join them, but she politely declines.

Pennsatucky returns from the SHU after the fight, and is seen with many missing teeth and several fading bruises on her face. She meets Healy in his office, who threatens her to make sure she won't say anything about him seeing or walking away from the fight.

Fig meets with Andrew Nance. She is very brief and dances around any question regarding how money is being spent in the prison.

Larry and his father relax in a steam room. Larry keeps fixating on Piper, and listens to Howard's advice on how to get over her and find a distraction.

Maxwell Slovin, who is helping with the job fair, helps the inmates build a resume, discover careers and talk about their goals with him.

Red meets with her son, who informs her that their shop is struggling. He promises to get some money into her account by next week.

Larry meets with Polly and brings her groceries. She seems stressed and fed up with Pete's extended trip. Larry helps her with the baby, giving her a break to take a shower.

In the cafeteria once more, the Golden Girls join Red, who is sitting alone. Frieda convinces Red to join their group, saying that they are "old and invisible, so why not be old together?"

Pennsatucky is driven to the medical center to receive new teeth after hers were knocked out by Piper.

After delivering a very impressive interview, Taystee wins the job fair. She approaches Fig, under the impression that the winner of the job fair gets a contact with an employer on the outside. Fig tells her that there is no such job, but a prize of $10 will be added to her commissary. As Taystee leaves the stage, she notices Vee Parker standing at the doorway, watching her.


Note: Flashbacks are arranged in chronological order, not the order in which they occur on the show.

Tasha "Taystee" Jefferson[]

Taystee fails to impress prospective parents at an adoption festival. Eventually, a woman named Vee sits down next to her and they discuss Taystee working for her drug business one day. The moment also reveals the origin of the "Taystee" nickname - based on Taystee explaining why she likes certain foods.

As a teen, Taystee is working at a fast food restaurant, much to Vee's disapproval. After being kicked out of her most recent foster home, Taystee begs Vee to adopt her. She impresses Vee with her mathematical skills regarding a customer who is in debt, and Vee agrees to take her on. Taystee finds a sense of family with Vee and RJ, even if ultimately they are running a drug ring. When RJ is killed by police, Vee vows to protect Taystee at all costs.






Memorable Quotes[]

"You might wanna start thinkin' about making your own forever family, Taystee. You wait around for one to come along, you might die waitin'."
Yvonne Parker to Tasha Jefferson
"For what? I never said a thing. I don't talk about Piper with you. That would be disloyal and wrong."
Polly Harper to Larry Bloom
"Winning is a victory in itself."
Natalie Figueroa to Tasha Jefferson
"I protect my babies. This one got away, but I swear to you, I will die before I see that happen again. I will keep you safe."
Yvonne Parker to Tasha Jefferson


Main Cast[]

Guest Stars[]


  • Eric D. Hill as RJ
  • Teeka Duplessis as 11 Year Old Taystee
  • LaTonya Borsay as Kristen Holmes (Social worker)
  • Alex Wraith as Vasily Reznikov
  • Kwoade Cross as Young Man
  • Pablo Gonzalez as LeJunqui (Heroin dealer)
  • Brianda Agramonte as Felicia (Teen who accepts Vee's invitation)
  • Jeff Talbott as Maxwell Slovin (Job Fair judge)
  • Lee Brock as Mrs. Sackin (Job Fair organizer)
  • Michael H. Ingram as Arthur (Advisor)
  • Azalia J. as Rhonda Palmer (Prospective mother)
  • Michael Dennis Hill as Charles Palmer (Prospective father)




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